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SynergIE in Natural Sciences

SynergIE in Natural Sciences
Building Towards Inclusive Excellence in STEM

Peer Implementation Cluster (#11):

The 57 HHMI IE grant awardees were divided into 14 Peer Implementation Clusters (or PICs).  The 4-5 schools in a PIC are generally grouped together by geography.  UHD is one of 5 schools in PIC #11 (see below).  In our PIC, our leadership teams meet virtually periodically to discuss our successes and challenges as we implement our IE programs. An important piece in organizational learning is our collective ability to learn from each other’s institutional work.

PIC #11 Member School:

Davidson College: Barbara Lom
Kennesaw State University: Scott Reese
North Carolina State University: Jane Lubischer
University of Houston-Downtown: Akif Uzman
University of Puerto Rico-Humacao: Lilliam Casillas