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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Phase I

Welcome to Phase I of UHD's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP is an initiative that will enhance student learning and reflects the mission and values of the institution. This phase marks the beginning of our exciting journey to enhance student learning and success.

Phase I of our QEP journey involved a comprehensive and inclusive process to identify the most impactful topic. Here’s how we got here:

Phase I: Topic Selection Jan '24 - March '24

Step 1. QEP Topic Proposal Guidelines

Developing a QEP as a part of the reaffirmation process is an opportunity for the institution to demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement of student learning and student success – the most fundamental role of any institution of higher education.

Topic proposals were received via a structured form. While we accepted proposals field by field in the form, the combined text received in the form should not exceed five pages. We encouraged submitters to type their responses in a separate Word document, and then paste their responses in the form.

The topic proposal needed to be detailed and demonstrate potential for implementation and success, but left room for further development. Individuals who submitted QEP proposals were not necessarily the same individuals responsible for directing the plan if the plan was selected.

Timeline: Proposals were accepted between January 12, 2024, and February 21, 2024. Submissions have now closed.

Step 2. Develop QEP Topic Proposals

The QEP topic development teams have scheduled various meetings to work with the campus community to listen and discuss the QEP and each theme.

Proposal Selection Process

Authors of selected proposals were asked to present and answer questions about their proposal at the February 23 Steering Committee meeting (9-11am, ACAD 701).

Open Office Hours

Open office hours were offered for individuals who wanted feedback on ideas or help with their proposals.

Friday, January 19

Thursday, January 25

Friday, February 2

Monday, February 5

Wednesday, February 7

Step 3. Campus Topic Review and Recommended Ranking

The QEP Steering Committee reviews and prepares the proposals for Campus Review and Ranking.

The Campus Community was able to Review and Rank the proposals during the QEP Topic Presentation event on April 8th.

Final Proposals

We are excited to announce three finalists for the QEP plan:

QEP 1: Better Through Belonging

QEP 2: Leaders Are Readers

QEP 3: Transferable Skills for the 21st Century

Step 4. Topic Selection

Following the close of the Review and Ranking period, The QEP Topic Selection Committee will develop an executive summary of the proposals, including the campus rankings for the QEP Steering Committee. The Topic will be selected.