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Papers and Presentations

Alzheimer's Student Summit - Sept 16, 2021

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Virtual Panel on Senior Care in Underserved Populations-Molina Cares - June 30, 2021

The Molina Cares Accord, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of Texas, recently hosted a virtual panel on Senior Care in Underserved Populations. Dr. Tom Oliverson, state representative and chairman of the Texas House Insurance Committee, offered welcoming remarks before a panel of experts, hosted by Kelsey Letcher, interim plan president of Molina Healthcare of Texas and moderated by Scott Braddock, editor of Harvey Kronberg’s Quorum Report. Panelists discussed the impact of COVID-19 on senior care over the past year, access to healthcare services and mental health resources, and reaching the underinsured and the uninsured.


Tough Conversations on Aging: What You Should Know Before You Need to Know

As you know, many people do not think about aging until a crisis hits, and they are left scrambling to figure out the next steps.  Not knowing what to do or where to turn is incredibly stressful and can complicate the situation.  But, it doesn't have to be like that.   

STAR (formerly The Collaboratory for Aging Resources and Education (CARE) hosted Tough Conversations on Aging: What You Should Know Before You Need to Know.  With over 40 years of aging and caregiving experience between them, Dr. Angela Goins of UHD’s Social Work program and Tammy Mermelstein, JD, MSW, have created their top 10 tough conversations and provide tips on how to address them.   


How Covid-19 Highlights Aging Issues in America

COVID-19 has highlighted devastating and long-standing disparities in the care of older adults. America's aging population is increasing, yet their needs are often marginalized, misunderstood, or missed entirely. Awareness is the first step toward advocacy. Even if you do not have an elder person in your life, the impact of older adult care in America affects us all.