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Event Speakers' Biography


Dr. Luming Li

Luming Li, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.H.E, F.A.P.A. is currently the Chief Medical Officer for The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. As the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Li is responsible for medical staff services, clinical quality and safety, and pharmacy services for the local mental health authority for Harris County. Her primary goal professionally is to improve care for patients with mental health conditions and help individuals reach their full potential.

Dr. Li completed a 7-year B.A./M.D. program at Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and residency training and a M.H.S. at Yale School of Medicine. She is a nationally sought out thought leader and serves on national committees within the American Psychiatric Association, including Innovation Committee (2020-current), and Quality Care (2023-current). She is also currently co-chair of the Medical Directors Institute at The National Council, an executive board member for the American Association of Psychiatric Administrative Leaders, and a member for the Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee, appointed through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. She holds active faculty positions at Baylor School of Medicine, UTHealth Houston, and Yale School of Medicine, and has written more than 35 articles, book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles about delivering psychiatric services, quality improvement in health systems, psychiatric leadership, and caring for psychiatric patients in complex systems of care. She actively practices in the outpatient and psychiatric emergency settings.

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