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​​Health and Wellness Concentration

Coming in Fall 2022, B.S. in Health and Behavioral Sciences - Health and Wellness Concentration.​

The HBS faculty is excited to announced the addition of the Health and Wellness concentration in our degree plan.  The Wellness industry is the US is a $4 trillion ​sector and growing; the jobs potential for our majors is large and notable.

The Health and Wellness concentration features and coursework in:

  • Behavior, Health, and We​l​lness
  • Mind/Body Wellness
  • Physical Well​ness
  • Healthful Eating
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Global Health​​

Additionally, our majors have the opportunity to complete an internship in the Health and Wellness field. This is a great opportunity to engage with their community and build their career-related skills and networks.

​The Health and Wellness concentration prepares students for careers in growing fields, such as:
  • Corporate Wellness Specialist 
  • Health Educator 
  • Wellness Coordinator
  • Community Health Worker
  • Health and Wellness Writer
  • ​Healthcare Coordinator
  • Health Services Manager
  • Health Coach (* May require additional certification)
  • Personal Trainer (*May require additional certification)​

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