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CPD Student Associates

About UHD CPD Student Associates

Are you interested in becoming a UHD CPD Student Associate? Please contact Dr. Windy Lawrence.

At the UHD Center for Public Deliberation (UHD CPD), we involve students to help us serve as leaders and facilitators in various community initiatives. In their involvement, students gain crucial leadership skills necessary for our communities and workplaces.

To become an Associate, students must first enroll in the beginning COMM 3318 “Facilitating Public Deliberation” course. In this course, they learn the theory, skills, and history of public deliberation in the U.S. Those students who develop a passion and excel in this course gain the opportunity to move on to take “Advanced Public Deliberation." This course is a service-learning course, taught by Dr. Windy Lawrence, where students work to solve real world problems using deliberative approaches that they have studied.