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Use a numeral without the addition of “st, nd, rd, or th.”

  • Ex. Jan. 26 not January 26th

Abbreviate the long months when paired with a specific date

  • Ex. Jan. 7 Feb. 7 Aug. 7 Sept. 7 Oct. 7 Nov. 7 Dec. 7
Do not abbreviate months if they are: Examples
Too short!
March, April, May, June and Jpy
are always spelled out.
The press conference took place on March 18
Paired with a year alone. Last fall semester started in August 2021.
Standing alone without a year or date. Texans will vote in November for the midterm elections.


Do not include the current year in your sentences.

Future or past years are set off by commas


  • Ex. UHD’s 71st commencement took place on Dec. 18, 2021.


Spans of Decades/Centuries

Use an s without the apostrophe


  • Ex. The 1960s marked the start of the Civil Rights Era.


You can omit the first two digits of the century by replacing them with an apostrophe.


  • Ex. The ‘60s marked the start of the Civil Rights Era.