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Answer the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How

Your stories should answer the 5Ws and H of journalism. Please find more information on how to answer each question.

​​​Question How to Answer​
Who is the story about?​ Include names of subjects and organizations/agencies important to the story. Include relevant job titles when referring to individuals.​
What happened?​ Take note of important details that describe what was said, achieved, changed, celebrated, commemorated, failed, etc. Be tactful when describing tragic events.​
Where did it take place?​ Get names of places correctly.
When covering campus events, this is usually the name of the building or room it occurred. Refer to the UHD.EDU website to get names accurately.
When covering other local, state, and national events, the place can be anything from a room to a country. ​
When did it happen?​ Include important dates and relevant time information such as special holidays, national awareness days, seasons, or eras.​
Why did it happen?​ Explain the reason behind the event and its importance to society, community, and culture.​
How did the event happen?​ Describe how individuals, organizations, or entities made the significant event happen by listing steps and explaining process. Alternatively or additionally, you may describe how this event affects society or certain members or groups.​​