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Academic Credentials

Only mention your subject’s degrees of study if you need to establish their academic credentials.

Keep in mind whether academic credentials are relevant. For example, in an opinion or editorial piece, including your featured expert’s academic credentials can support their credibility and the overall argument of your story.

  • Lowercase degrees
    Ex. associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctorate.
  • Use Dr. before the full name of someone who holds a medical doctorate degree only and only on first reference. Do not mention Dr. on second reference.
    Ex. Dr. Anthony Fauci was targeted. Fauci won a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2008.
  • Avoid using the Ph.D. abbreviation. Instead, describe the doctorate degree in a phrase.
    Ex. Joe Sample, who has a doctorate in English, promotes plain language as a way for communicators to make information more accessible.