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Degree and Major List

​​UHD offers a wide variety of high-quality academic degrees that prepare students for immediate entry into the workplace, or for continued post-graduate studies and research. In addition to excellent bachelor's degree programs, UHD offers master's programs in eight disciplines: the Master of Business Administration (MBA), the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, the Master of Science in Technical Communication, the Master of Security Management, the Master of Arts in Teaching, the Master of Arts in Rhetoric & Composition, the Master of Science in Data Analytics, and the Master of Arts in Non-Profit Management.

University Colle​​ge​​​​​​​​CIP Codes​​
Bachelo​​r of Applied Ar​​ts and Sciences (​B.A.A.S.) in:​​​
Applied Administration30.9999.40

​Bachelor of Science​​ (B​​.S.) in:
Interdisciplinary Studies30.​9999.01
Marilyn Davies College of Business
Bachelor of Business Administration​ (B.B.A.) in:
General Business*
Insurance & Risk Management*52.1701.00
International Business*52.1101.00
Management​ Information Systems*52.1201.00
Supply Chain Man​​agement*52.0202.00
Master of Business Administration (M.​B.A)*52.0201.00
Master of Security Management (M.S.M.)43.0112.00
*Accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business​​ ​

College of Humanities and Social Sciences​​ ​

​Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)​​​ in:
Communication Studies09.0100.00
Fine Arts50.0101.00
Social Sciences45.0101.00

Bachelor of Science (B​​.S.) in:
Health and Behavioral Science51.2212.00
Political Science45.1001.00
Professional Writing23.1303.00
Social Sciences45.0101.00

Master of Arts (M.A.) ​​in:
Non-Profit Management52.0206.00
Rhetoric and Composition23.1304.00

​Master of Science (M.S.) ​​in:
Technical Communication23.1303.00
College of Public Service
​Bachelor o​​f Arts (B.A.) in​​:
Interdisciplinary Studies (teacher certification)30.9999.01

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (​​​​B.A.A.S.) in​:
Criminal Justice43.0104.00
​Early Childhood and Family Strengths​19.0706.00

Bachelor of Scienc​​e (B.S.) in:​
Criminal Justice43.0104.00

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S​.W.) in:
Social Work44.0701.00

Master of Science (M​.S.) in:​
Criminal Justice4​3.0104.00

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) with three a​​reas of expertise:

  • Advanced Early Childhood, EC-6
  • Advanced Technology, EC-12
  • Advanced ESL, TESOL-Standards Based, EC-12
College of Sciences and Technology
​Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) ​​​in:
Mathematics and Secondary Mathematics Teacher Certification27.0101.00​​

​Bachelor of Science (B.S.) i​​n:​
Applied Statistics27.0301.00
Applied Statistics with Concentration in Biostatistics27.0301.00
Applied Statistics with Secondary Mathematics Teacher Certification27.0301.00
Biological and Physical Sciences30.0101.00
Biological and Physical Sciences with Secondary-level Teacher Certification​​30.0101.00
Biology with Environmental Biosciences Concentration26.0101.00
Biology with Microbiology Concentration26.0101.00
Biology with Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Concentration26.0101.00
Chemistry with Biochemistry Concentration40.0501.00
Chemistry with an Environmental Chemistry Concentration40.050​1.00
Chemistry with Forensic Science Concentration40.0501.00
Chemistry with Industrial Chemistry Concentration40.0501.00
Computer Science
​Data Science
Geosciences with Environmental Geology Concentration
Geosciences with Geochemistry Concentration40.0601.00
Geosciences with Petroleum Geotechnology Concentration40.0601.00

Bachelor of Science in Engin​​eering Technology (B.S.E.T.) in:​
Control and Instrumentation Engineering Technology**15.1201.00​
Structural Analysis and Design Option in Engineering Technology**15.0201.00

Bachelor of Applied Arts and S​​ciences (B.A.A.S.) in:
Safety Management​15.0703.​00​

​Master of Science (M.S.) in:​
Data Analytics27.0501.00​​​​
**Accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission ​of ABET (​.​


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