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Curriculum Management at UHD

This page provides resources and information on the curriculum development, change, and management process at the University of Houston-Downtown. All curricular processes are governed by PS 03. A.12. UHD uses Curriculog to manage all of these processes. Please find trainings, guides and an access portal below.

Curriculog has a new updated interface! 

  1. Updated look and feel—the interface overall has been updated and you'll note that the "action buttons" are now mostly on the right side of the right-hand pane.

  2. A new form naming convention—we have created a form numbering system to help with referencing and consistency and longevity of the system.

  3. Separate forms for undergraduate and graduate processes (courses, degree updates, etc.).

  4. Separate forms for certificates, degrees, and minors.

  5. A new form for the Notice of Intent to plan for all new certificates and degrees—this must be completed to allow access to any new degree/certificate submission forms in Curriculog. [Please review steps on our new planning page if you are thinking of new program development.]

  6. Specific forms for new core courses (and one for new seminar courses coming shortly), providing more support and a curricular review path to the Gen Ed Committee before they get to UCC, as per policy.

  7. A new form for prefix changes.
  1. Importing first: for any course updates, you will be asked to import current course information first—you cannot enter the form without doing so.

  2. Originator workflow: no longer do originators need to launch before editing and no need for two steps of approval! All is built in to your first entries; edits to the imported data will be captured immediately and once you "approve" it will move to the next step.

  3. Cross-listed courses: users must now "mark" cross-listed courses in Curriculog so that we can ensure consistency across the courses and that all cross-listed courses will be reviewed prior to final approvals in the system. If you plan to submit a new set of cross-listed courses or revise a set, please get help from Lucy Bowen before you start the process in Curriculog.

  4. Toggle questions: in some forms, there are questions that will result in submission of different content or instructions.

  5. Core Curriculum workflow: Core Curriculum proposals will go directly to the GEC after the Dean, and UCC will not see them until the GEC has reviewed and moved them forward. The core forms have additional instruction about how to submit core proposals with required content.

  6. New degree/certificate proposals: those planning new degrees or certificates planning new degrees and certificates should follow the online process and the Notice of Intent should be submitted through Curriculog. The Curriculog form for new degrees and certificates will be available only to those who are in the process and have worked with the Office of the Provost on any needed planning steps. Please contact Michelle with any questions:

Curriculog User Information

New Interface User Guide

Forms in Curriculog Table of Contents

Curriculum Form 1.0: New Undergraduate Prefix (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.1: New Undergraduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.2: Change Undergraduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.3: New Special Topics Course

Curriculum Form 1.4: Delete Undergraduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.5: New Common Core Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.5_SEM: New Common Core Seminar Topic (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.6: New Graduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.7: Change Graduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.8: New Graduate Prefix (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 1.9: Delete Graduate Course (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2A: Notice of Intent to Plan for New Programs and Certificates (NOI)

Curriculum Form 2B: Preliminary Planning Approval for Programs and Certificates (PPA)

Curriculum Form 2.1: New Undergraduate Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2.2: Change Undergradaute Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2.4: Delete Undergraduate Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2.6: New Graduate Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2.7: Change Graduate Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 2.9: Delete Graduate Degree (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.1: New Undergraduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.2: Change Undergraduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.4:  Delete Undergraduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.6: New Graduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.7: Change Graduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculum Form 3.9: Delete Graduate Certificate (AY24 Catalog)

Curriculog Support

Please contact Taheshia Hobbs at​ or

Additional Resources & Information

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