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Parking & Transportation Services

Summer 2020 Employee Parking Options

To accommodate employees commuting to the UHD campus this summer who do not currently have a valid parking permit, Parking & Transportation Services is offering several options.

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Welcome to the Department of Parking and ​Transportation Services at the University of Houston-Downtown! We are proud to serve our community and committed to the safe and beneficial management of all University parking facilities.

Parking and Transportation Services coordinates parking services. All motor vehicles using University parking facilities must display a valid parking permit. The permit is only transferable between vehicles and NOT between individuals. The parking permit must be clearly visible and hung from the vehicle’s rearview mirror with the parking permit number facing the windshield and unobstructed by a sunscreen. Parking fees vary by semester and are subject to change. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking space, but allows you to park if space is available.

For complete information regarding parking regulations, costs, and locations, please visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office, located in Suite N117 in the One Main Building or call 713-221-8127.

Parking and Transportation Services is guided by UHD Traffic and Parking Policy Statement 01.B.01.

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​​​​​Faculty/Staff brochure for FY2018-19

Parking Forms

Per UHD Refund Policy: Exhibit B (PS 04.A.05) Student Handbook ~
  • Fall and Spring semesters no refund after the 20th class day
  • Summer semesters no refund after the 6th class day

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