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What are Club Sports?

A club sports team is an organized group of students established to promote the interest and skills of its members in a particular physical activity. Sports & Fitness oversees the club sports teams on campus and reserves the right to approve members. Recreational Club Teams are primarily instructive in nature tending to focus on learning new skills and developing interest in the activity within the university community. Competitive Club Teams allow members to experience intercollegiate competition beyond intramural sports.

Club teams may represent the university in local, regional and national competitions. Team members are expected to possess more advanced playing skills, make commitment to practices, possess a positive attitude, and be supportive of teammates. Tryouts are held where club team coaches select the roster. Club team members must be current UHD students and meet a UHD cumulative minimum GPA requirement. New incoming students are exempt from this requirement if they are attending their first semester at UHD.

Club Sports Mission Statement
The Department of Sports & Fitness at the University of Houston-Downtown will provide opportunities for students in the UHD community to enhance their leadership skills, and overall college experience that cultivates the development of life skills through engaging, and meaningful recreational activities and competitive competition.

Club Sports Vision Statement
A Club Sports program is an integral part of a campus recreation program. It fills the void between intramural sports activities and intercollegiate athletics. Club Sports give the university community an opportunity to participate in highly competitive sport activities, learn new skills, improve skill levels, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship derived from sports involvement. The Club Sports program is administered by the Department of Sports & Fitness. All club sports matters are channeled through the Sports Coordinator in Sports & Fitness. Club teams are not varsity sports. Membership and participation in a club team is free from discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, disability or national origin. Each club team constitution will carry a statement to this effect in the Membership section of their constitution. Club Sports serve as a learning experience for the members through their involvement in public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling. Involvement in a group and team setting helps enhance the student's overall educational experience. The success of the Club Sports program depends upon the student officers of the individual club teams. They should have the initiative and drive to handle club administrative matters and motivate club members to take part in various club activities. Quality student leadership is the most important factor impacting the success of each individual club team. Club teams are recognized student organizations run by students.

Club Sports Goals

  • To enhance leadership and character development for UHD students
  • To enhance time management skills, professional development, and responsibility
  • To improve the overall health and wellness of UHD students
  • To provide opportunities to represent UHD by participating in highly competitive sport activities
  • To fill the void between intramural sports activities and intercollegiate activities
  • To learn new skills, improve skill levels, and enjoy the recreational and social fellowship derived from sports involvement