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Student Services

All UHD students who are enrolled in the current semester are eligible for all services. A UHD student ID number is required for all services.

Clinician Services

Appointments are required for all clinician services. Clinician services are available during clinic appointment hours only.

Appointments are not available when classes are not in session.

Clinician services that require an appointment include:

  • preventative medical services
  • general physical
  • wellness exam
  • birth control consult
  • STD testing
  • diagnosis and treatment of infections
  • diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries
  • laboratory testing

Walk-in Services

All walk-in services will be provided by a staff nurse. Please note that nursing service hours are limited and cannot be guaranteed on a walk-in basis. If a same-day appointment is not available, a medical assistant will triage walk-in patients’ symptoms or injury and recommend self and/or alternative care, a next-day appointment, or determine if the patient should be worked in the current day’s schedule. The nurse is not allowed to diagnosis an illness or injury nor prescribe medications.

Walk in services include:

  • first aid
  • ace wrap
  • glucose
  • blood pressure screening
  • HIV testing
  • pregnancy testing
  • lactation room
  • quiet room

Fees and Cancellation

A fee is required for clinician visits, laboratory testing, medications, procedures, missed appointments, late cancellations, and some supplies. Charges for services and other fees are transferred to the student’s account unless the student is enrolled in the student health insurance program. Product availability is subject to change without notice.