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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is endorsed by the University of Houston-Downtown for Domestic and International Students.

General Information: 

  • Take the time to read and understand the policy prior to enrollment including exclusions.
  • The student must first use the resources of Student Health Services where treatment will be administered or an outside medical referral will be issued.
  • Be responsible for your health care.  Know what to do in the event of a medical emergency or urgent care when Student Health Services is closed.
  • Eligible fees for Student Health Services are billed directly to the insurance company for students who are enrolled in the Plan.  Office visit fees, co-pays, and non-eligible expenses will be transferred to a student's account.


All domestic students attending the University of Houston-Downtown who are enrolled for 6 or more credit hours (3 hours for the summer session) are eligible for coverage (see brochure for complete eligibility requirements).

Health insurance is mandatory for all International students.

Please read the brochure prior to enrollment, including eligibility requirements and exclusions.

  • Download the policy brochure
  • Download the insurance card
  • On-Line Enrollment
  • Locate an in-network provider
  • Dental
  • 24-Hour Nurseline
  • Frequently Asked Questions

For enrollment and eligibility questions contact:

AHP (855) 824-9683


Prescription Medications:

Prescriptions are written when clinically necessary. The covered person may purchase prescription drugs from pharmacies contracting with Prime Therapeutics.

Medical Emergencies:

Student Health Services is an ambulatory facility and not equipped as an emergency facility.

On-Campus Medical Emergencies:

  • Come to Student Health Services or contact the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department by using an Emergency Call Box or calling 713-221-8911.

Off-Campus Medical Emergencies:

  • Call 9-1-1 or go to a local emergency room.
  • Read and understand the plan's provisions for medical emergencies, your responsibilities, and required notification procedures.
  • Know the emergency room or urgent care center in your area that is covered under the insurance plan.

Optional Dental Insurance

For AHP Student-Assistance Program, please read the flyer.