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Special FAQs Related to COVID-19 Delays

Will we still have Spring 2020 Commencement? 

Spring 2020 Commencement has been postponed. While the date has not yet been finalized, it will likely be held in the late summer or early fall. Even though the Commencement Ceremony has been postponed, eligible students will still graduate on time. Diplomas will be mailed to students in the late summer. 

I ordered a cap and gown in the UHD Bookstore for Spring 2020 Commencement. How can I pick it up?

If you ordered a cap and gown in the Campus Bookstore and intended to pick it up when it came in, pickup may be delayed. Technically, the caps and gowns that students ordered will be delivered on April 15. However, we don’t know yet if UHD’s buildings will be permitted to open at that time. You may pick up your cap and gown as soon as UHD buildings are safely reopened. 

I am scheduled to graduate in Spring, 2020 and I ordered a class ring. How will I get my class ring?

Herff Jones will ship rings to you directly. They will ship second week of April. If you have questions about this, please email Herff Jones at the following address email address is and include the University of Houston-Downtown and your name in the email. There is also a phone number 1-800-837-4235.

I am scheduled to graduate in the Summer. Since Spring 2020 Commencement will not take place until late summer or early fall, may I participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony rather than waiting until winter?

Students who graduate in the summer will probably be permitted to join Spring commencement. However, since we don’t have a confirmed date yet for when Spring Commencement will be held, we are not certain. Check the Commencement Website frequently for updates. And, if you still have questions later in the summer, contact the Office of the Registrar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be sitting inside NRG Stadium?

Graduates will be seated on the stadium field directly in front of the stage.

How much is parking and where is it located?


Can I leave my purse in the robing area?

No. You are advised to take all valuables with you to your seat. Neither NRG nor UHD are liable for any losses. You must carry everything you bring with you.

Can I leave during the ceremony?


Do you have an extra tassel/cap/robe?

The bookstore representatives will have a few caps, gowns and tassels available at their table as long as supplies last.

When and where does formal check-in begin?

Graduates can check in an hour and a half before the ceremony begins, location for check-in is TBD.

What should I do with my name card?

It is critical that you hold on to the name card you receive during check in, DO NOT LOSE IT, carry it with you until you are asked for it on the field before you enter the stage to receive your scroll.

Where do we get programs?

Programs are provided at the graduates check-in Entrance and at all other entrances for guests.

How will I know to go to the stage?

Following remarks by the UHD Regents, the UHD President and the keynote speech students will be instructed to stand one row at a time. You will be lined up on the field to the right of the stage. When your name is called proceed to the stage.

Who should I follow when the procession begins?

Follow the person directly in front of you at all times.

Where should my tassel be?

Before commencement, your tassel should be on your right. Once everyone has walked and received the commencement scroll, the president will tell graduates to shift their tassel from right to left.

My family member needs special assistance (wheelchair seating, etc.) where can he/she sit?

Special Assistance instructions for NRG Stadium is TBD.

Where may my guests enter?

Guest entrance at NRG is TBD.

What should I wear?

You must wear the approved black cap and gown sold in the UHD bookstore. You should dress comfortably underneath and wear sensible shoes since a lot of walking is involved.

What should not be brought into NRG Stadium?

NRG restrictions are TBD.


Do my guests need tickets to enter the ceremony?


How many guests am I allowed to invite?

There is no limit on guests. Seating is first-come, first-serve.

Last updated 4/1/2020 8:59 AM