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Honors Cords

Pick up honor cords

Student from College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Public Service and Marilyn Davies College of Business:
Cords can be picked up at the Advising Centers during office hours from the front desk area.  

Students from College of Sciences and Technology:
Cords can be picked up from the Dean’s Office in N723 during office hours.

Commencement participants with honors are so designated in the commencement program and wear special insignia with their academic regalia. As commencement occurs prior to the posting of final grades, the designation of honors for May and December commencement participants reflects only grades earned prior to the final semester. Designation of final honors on the transcript and diploma, however, is based on all work attempted.
Graduation with University Honors

Students who complete bachelor’s degree requirements with exceptionally high grade point averages receive degrees with honors. University honors will appear on the student transcript and diploma. To qualify for University honors consideration students must have earned and or enrolled in a total of 42 credit hours or more at UHD of which 24 credit hours must be upper level course work. In accordance with the Grading System Standards, all UHD credit hours are used in the GPA calculation. Only credit hours at UHD are considered; transfer credits are not used in the GPA calculation for university honors.

For consideration of university honors, the university will look at two different UHD GPA calculations:

  • the UHD GPA calculated from the student’s last 42 credit hours (including currently enrolled classes) taken at UHD and
  • the UHD GPA calculated from all courses taken at UHD.

The higher of the two UHD GPAs will be considered for university honors categories below:

  • a cumulative grade point average of 3.80-4.00 is required for summa cum laude.
  • a cumulative grade point average of 3.60-3.79 is required for magna cum laude.
  • a grade point average of 3.40-3.59 is required for cum laude.
Designation of university honors in the commencement program for graduates will reflect only grades earned prior to the final semester. University honors also will be calculated after final semester grades post and final honor status is reflected on the transcript.

College Honors

Students not eligible for cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude honors may be eligible for College Honors. Each college will set its own GPA requirements for College Honors. College honors will be calculated after final semester grades post. College honors will be reflected only on the student’s final transcript.

Eligibility for College Honors can be found in the general information section for each college in the academic catalog. 

UHD Student at commencement ceremony