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Best Practices for Data Management

  • Use descriptive and informative file names.
  • Choose file formats that ensure long term access.
  • Track different versions of your documents.
  • Create metadata for every experiment or analysis you run.
  • Create a plan for how to transfer knowledge and data for a project for when it changes hands or someone leaves a team to prevent valuable data from being lost.
  • Back-up your data in at least two, secure locations to avoid unintentional data loss and to protect your intellectual property.
  • File or hard-drive corruption, and other unforeseen events can strike without warning. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Manuscripts, spreadsheets, and other files on your UHD office computers
  • Qualtrics survey data (please download all data from the Qualtrics server)
  • Data stored in cloud servers
  • Data associated with laboratory instrumentation
  • Scan data that currently exists in hardcopy-only formats and keep electronic copies
  • When working on manuscripts, please save multiple, iterative drafts of your work and use Track changes to record contributions from collaborators on drafts.