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UHD: Seeking Opportunities

UHD constantly endeavors to found new partnerships and bridge the classroom to the working world. The University realizes its revered relationship with Houston’s industry leaders translates into successful outcomes for our students and faculty. Through our partnerships, we can elevate student achievement and University accomplishment. Our drive to connect our University family and the community benefits everyone, and UHD has earned the recognition as the birthplace of opportunity.

Greater Partnership with Downtown and Local and Regional Communities
Thanks to UHD’s proximity to a consortium of leading industry members, the University possesses the prime opportunity to enterprise off its location and build partnerships for internships as well as future job placement for UHD alumni.

Enhance Marketing and Branding Efforts
The University earns multiple noteworthy recognitions from industry peers. UHD can maximize the usefulness of these designations by putting a heavier emphasis on promoting its successes. Additionally, a branded campus will remind students of UHD’s identity and promise to all students. It also promotes a sense of belonging and a physical space conducive to an optimal learning environment. We have the opportunity to remove the veil and show the true value of the UHD experience to all who enter our doors and beyond.

Increase Donor Funds for Scholarships so All Students Can Succeed
While the University aims to provide needs-based scholarships, there is a segment of the student population who would like to see merit-based scholarship opportunities increase. By doing so, UHD can fulfill its goal of providing a quality education to students who show promise for future success.

Set UHD Apart
UHD is often in competition with other regional universities as well as the components of the UH System. It would benefit UHD to promote how this institution differs from the competition and point out the unique experience that only a UHD education can provide.

UHD can take the opportunity to become a leader when it comes to sustainability initiatives including providing more on-campus facilities that are eco-friendly, as well as fostering a sense of duty to care for our environment.

Promote University Pride … with Our People
There is no greater ambassador for our University than our students and alumni. If UHD can create affinity and pride among these groups, it will ripple into the community and solidify the University’s reputation as a quality choice in higher education as well as attract employers and community partners.

50th Anniversary Planning, Create Excitement
UHD has a once-in-its-history opportunity to showcase its relevance and impact as the 50th anniversary approaches. This creates a central thread that the Gator Community – past, present and future - can relate to, embrace, and celebrate.

Enhancing Online Learning Opportunities
The institution should focus part of its upcoming strategic plan on enhancing online course offerings and commit resources to support new and current online programs. Additionally, faculty should be trained to effectively teach online courses, and UHD must commit to technological resources to ensure students receive a quality online education that parallels classroom instruction.

Process Mapping the Student Experience from Matriculation to Graduation and Finding/Fixing the Potential Barriers and Creating a Seamless Student Experience
UHD should be able to provide a roadmap for students that will give them efficient, succinct steps to attain their college education and degree. By identifying the areas where we are deficient in this process, we can find solutions that ultimately create a better student experience and alleviate some of the challenges experienced by the staff.

Data Driven Decision-Making at UHD
UHD has the capability to collect and analyze various student and faculty data sets as well as test its feasibility to make informed decisions. The University should proceed in doing so with haste.

Holistic Support of Students
UHD has the capability to expand services beyond academics to include care for students in their entirety, which includes food, housing, mental health, financial assistance and social services. Additionally, financial literacy training can significantly impact students’ financial wellbeing while balancing bills both during their time here and long after graduating.