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Separation Clearance Process

Separation Clearance Process Information

The Separation Clearance Process automates and streamlines the exit process for separating employees. There are three separate processes depending on the type of separation, Voluntary/Transfer Separation Clearance Process, Involuntary Separation Clearance Process, and Retiree Separation Clearance Process.

Department Administrative Assistants or Department Business Administrators are responsible for initiating the Voluntary/Transfer Separation Clearance Process for separating/transferring employees. Human Resources (HR) is responsible for initiating the Involuntary Separation Clearance Process and Retiree Separation Clearance Process.

Department Admin

The department admin should initiate the Voluntary/Transfer Separation Clearance Process immediately upon receiving notice of the employee's separation. Separating employees should not initiate this process. Department Admin Login: Separation Clearance Process. For instructions or information regarding any of these processes, please contact

Separating Employee

All separating employees must secure clearance from all areas identified on the Separation Clearance Guidelines before their last day of employment. Employees should provide their immediate supervisor with a resignation letter at least two weeks prior to the effective date of termination that clearly states the reason(s) for separation and final day of employment.

As part of this process, employees are responsible for completing the actions below on or before their last day of employment:

  1. Return all UHD property in their possession:
    • Credit cards
    • Employee ID
    • Library materials
    • Tools/Equipment
    • Manuals/Uniforms
    • Keys (offices/buildings)
    • Electronics/Cell phones
    • Parking access cards, permit/gate pass
    • All other university property in your possession
  2. Pay any outstanding fees to the University:
    • Library fines
    • Parking tickets
    • Other outstanding debt(s) to the University
  3. Complete the online Separation Survey or schedule an in person exit interview with the Talent Management Department at

Failure to return University property or the removal of university property may be construed as theft and appropriate legal action may be taken if the property cannot be recovered.