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Probationary Staff Process

My TalentSpace will initiate each new staff's probationary evaluation process by prompting the employee to complete his/her self-evaluation. When a direct report's evaluation is ready for review, the manager will be prompted by email with a link and instructions to log-in. When employees, including supervisors, have tasks that become past due, their managers will be notified by email. All participants are reminded to be mindful of the deadlines associated with each step, as it is important that the process be completed by the established timeline and at least one month prior to the end of the employee's probationary period.

Managers will evaluate their new employees' probationary period performance, and most importantly, recommend whether the employee is eligible for continued employment or not. Established (non-probationary) staff will continue to be evaluated using the current annual performance evaluation process. Each probationary evaluation will begin approximately two months prior to the end of the employee's probationary period. Probationary periods are twelve months for exempt employees and six months for non-exempt employees. The following table outlines the number of days allowed for each task during the process, which lasts thirty-one days.

Tasks Days to Complete
Employee Completes Self-Evaluation 7 Days
Manager Completes Employee Evaluation and Reviews Employee's Self-Evaluation 7 Days
Second Level Manager Approves Evaluation 7 Days
Manager Meets with Employee 5 Days
Manager Comments and Signs-Off 2 Days
HR Reviews Evaluation 3 Days

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