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Forms and Links

Items required to register a Campus Program for Minors

  1. Background Checks Conducted by UHD ESO
  2. Complete Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation Training at UHD
  3. Register Program with the State of Texas

Policies and Regulations

The UH System policy developed to both:
  • Ensure that the Campus Programs for Minors are conducted in a manner that is as safe as possible, and
  • Comply with the legal requirements of Texas Education Code § 51.976
Requires individuals who will have contact with minors at certain limited campus programs to receive specific training and testing on preventing sexual abuse and child molestation. The training must be documented on the Campus Program for Minors Information Form and forwarded with supporting documentation to the Coordinator of Campus Programs for Minors. The Coordinator will provide written and dated notice to the Program Operator of approval to conduct the program.
The section of the law that specifically addresses the training and examination on warning signs of sexual abuse and child molestation for employees of camp programs for minors.