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Staff Grievance Committee

The Staff Grievance Committee is elected via nominations provided by Staff Council. Members of the Staff Grievance Committee serve three (3) year terms and are required to have a minimum of two years of full-time staff employment at UHD at the time of their nomination to the committee.


To learn more about the staff grievance process, please visit UHD Policy PS 02.B.01.

Staff Grievance Intake and Resolution Form


Staff Grievance Committee Membership
Name Division - Department Job Title Term Ends
Cooks, Ronald AF - Police Police Officer III Summer 2025
Cunningham, Shannon EM - Enrollment Management Director, Academic Scheduling & Integrated Services Summer 2025
Davidson, Gerrelyn AF - Police Department Business Administrator III Summer 2026
Dorsey, Kevin AA - Academic Affairs Manager, Financial Affairs Summer 2025
Estrada, Maria AA - Academic Affairs Assistant Director, Off-Campus Operations Summer 2025
Fields, Savannah AA - Library Department Business Administrator I Summer 2026
Genoso, Thomas AF - Technology Learning Services Multi-Media Engineer III Summer 2026
Holiday, Jason SSSL - Gator Success Center Associate Director, Gator Success Center Summer 2025
Huynh, "Snow" Tuyet AF - Facilities Management Facilities Analyst Summer 2026
Koltys, Tesha AUR - Conference & Event Services Coordinator, Events Summer 2026
Latson, Christopher AF - Technology Learning Services Video Production Specialist III Summer 2026
LeBlanc, Krystal AF - Student Business Services Director, Student Business Services Summer 2026
Robles, Benito AA - College of Public Service Assistant Dean, College of Public Service Summer 2026
Scherer, Rhonda SSSL - Sports and Fitness Associate Director, Sports & Fitness Summer 2024
Schroeder, Courtney EM - Enrollment Communications Executive Director, Student Communications & Transition Programs Summer 2025
Simonds, Richard AA - College of Public Service Director, College Data Analytics Summer 2025
Villano, Steven AA - Center for Public Service and Community Research Director, Center for Public Service and Community Research Summer 2025
Zett, Eric AF - Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Summer 2025