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What is Conflict/Dispute Resolution?

Conflict is a daily fact of life and is part of every relationship. Conflicts may result from disagreements, perceptions, differences, needs, wants and/or stress.  Understanding that conflict is not always negative and having the tools to deal with conflicts as they arise is crucial.  The Employee Relations Office can assist employees in understanding conflict and the role this plays in the conflict and provide them tools to assist in resolving the conflict. Employees may contact the Employee Relations Office at  

Tips for successful conflict resolution. 

  • Remain calm and do not raise your voice.
  • Be aware of your non-verbal messages (they tell more than the words you use).  
  • Listen to the other party.
  • Avoid the temptation to prove that you are right and/or the other party is wrong.
  • Pay attention to the emotions behind the words since often hurt is expressed as anger. 
  • Avoid disrespecting the other party.
  • Do not minimize the problem or what the other party is saying. 
  • Be respectful to differences.