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UHD Impact Awards

Details About the Staff Impact Awards

Staff Impact Awards honor individuals and teams who have made significant contributions at UHD. All nominees should reflect the overall mission and vision of UHD. There are five Staff Impact Awards:

1. Student Success Award

Nominees contribute to the personal, professional, or academic development of a student or group of students above and beyond the expectation of their position. Nominees foster a student-centered atmosphere and contribute to the retention of a student or students above and beyond the expectations of their position.

2. Leadership Award

Nominees for the Leadership Award must demonstrate excellence in leadership and serve as a positive role model. The Leadership Award is presented to a staff member who leads others, inspires and motivates, and displays leadership qualities, including exceptional communication, problem-solving, integrity, and a desire to help others succeed. Nominees demonstrate commitment to and support of University values, including excellence, student success, inclusiveness, respect, and integrity.

3. Rookie of the Year Award

Nominees for this award should have a remarkable ability to adjust to a new work environment while demonstrating outstanding enthusiasm and a high level of energy. Only employees who have not yet completed one year of service to UHD by the nomination package deadline (August 18, 2023) are eligible to be nominated for the Rookie of the Year award.

4. Goes the Extra Mile Award

Nominees for this award consistently go above and beyond what is required and expected in performing their job duties and responsibilities. Nominees have made a major impact on an important University event, function, or service, and/or continuously display outstanding work performance above and beyond what is normally expected.

5. Teamwork Award

Staff members who facilitated or led a cohesive team to achieve an important shared goal should be considered for the Teamwork Award. Nominees collaborate with colleagues outside of their immediate department to meet the needs of the UHD community. Nominees produce results that increase productivity and efficiency, boost morale, improve customer service, support retention, and/or result in other notable accomplishments in alignment with UHD's strategic goals. Nominees provide outstanding and ongoing excellence in service to faculty, staff, students, the UHD community, and/or other customers. Teams may not exceed ten members.


Staff Impact Award nominations will be accepted from any UHD employee. Self-nominations, however, are not permitted. A complete Impact Award nomination package consists of a nomination form. The Impact Award nomination package must be submitted to the Awards Review Board designee by Friday, August 18, at 5:00p.m. for a nominee to be considered for a Staff Impact Award.


UHD Staff Impact Awards Nomination Form



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