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Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs

Basic Position Information

Job Code: 2254

Title: Executive Director, Graduate Business Programs

Department: College of Business

Essential Personnel: N

Job Family: Student Operations

Job Sub-Family: Academic Advising

FLSA Classification: E

Job Grade: 19

Grade Min: $91,458

Grade Mid: $112,036

UHD Succession Plan: Y

Criticality of Position: Vital

Career Ladder: Individualized

Campus Security Authority: Y

Screening Committee: Y

Motor Vehicle Record Check: N

Job Summary

The Executive Director of Graduate Business Programs directs the overall graduate recruiting operations for the Marilyn Davies College of Business. The Executive Director provides leadership, oversight, accountability and management support to all Coordinators, Senior Coordinators, Associate and Assistant Directors who oversee recruiting in three graduate business programs. The Executive Director is responsible for all activities and initiatives within the Graduate program office including the largest MBA program. The Executive Director also provides primary administrative oversight of the staffing responsible for the administrative, recruitment, and admissions functions of all graduate business program. The Executive Director works directly with the executive administrative and academic leadership of the college. Under the Dean's direction and support the Executive Director interfaces with multiple internal partners across campus in addition to external partners and is the primary liaison and leader of all marketing projects for the college.


  • Manages the implementation of the recruitment process for Graduate Business Programs including leading or supervising information sessions, event planning, and approving marketing materials
  • Hires, supervises, trains and mentors managers and direct reports
  • Provides leadership and cultivates professional development for the department
  • Ensures the team implements and follows policies and processes surrounding Graduate program activities
  • Oversees the enrollment process in order to contribute to the development of the program
  • Develops reports and collects data to report on performance benchmarks
  • Maintains critical reports and analyses of data, making improvement/remedial recommendations and execute such plans in conjunction with the Dean
  • Develops and manages the administrative infrastructure and support for the program
  • Provides leadership, direction, coordinates and accountability for all activities and initiatives as assigned
  • Collaborates with Graduate Admissions Office in the development, implementation and Communications Relations Management (CRM) system that aids in the recruitment of new students to the Graduate Programs
  • Assists with general oversight of budget and related expenditures, if applicable
  • Attends many events to market the college and speaks to audiences and groups at conferences

Marginal Duties

  • Serves on a variety of university wide and college committees as assigned
  • Performs other duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities

Direct Reports:

  • Full-time and part-time employees

Delegation of Work:

  • Regularly assigns work to subordinate(s)

Supervision Given:

  • Makes final decision on evaluating employee performance; hiring new employees; disciplinary actions; makes final decision on scheduling employee work hours; makes final decision on coaching and counseling; training; provides recommendations on handling employee grievances and complaints; and makes final decision on granting time off


Required Education:

  • Master's degree

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of ten (10) years of related experience
  • Experience with recruitment and/or advising online and face to face programs
  • Experience with digital and traditional marketing of higher education programs.


  • None Required

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree in a business-related discipline
  • Supervisory experience with four or more direct reports
  • Experience in UH system
  • Experience working in graduate business programs
  • Demonstrated experience developing strategic enrollment management and recruitment plans
  • Experience monitoring marketing campaigns

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Extensive knowledge of Banner, CRM, Microsoft Office, UHD Course Catalog, Fortis, Graduate admissions, degree requirements, prerequisites, UHD policy and procedures.
  • Knowledge of the UHD-MDCOB Admissions process
  • Knowledge of trends, issues, and accepted practices relevant to the position
  • Some knowledge of applicable Federal DOE (for example Title IX and Student Aid) policies and regulations
  • Familiarity with both regional and college specific accreditations and requirements


  • Candidates must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and decision making skills


  • Ability to collaborate with colleague, other associates, and external executives to front line staff
  • Ability to exhibit a detail-oriented focus and is committed to a high level of service to students
  • Ability to oversee the planning for events small to large

Work Location and Physical Demands

Primary Work Location:

  • Works in an office environment

Physical Demands:

  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior work environment which does not subject the employee to any unpleasant elements. Position is physically comfortable; individual has discretion about sitting (80%), walking (20%), standing (20%), etc. Occasional lifting (20lbs), pushing (5lbs), carrying (10lbs), and pulling (5lbs) may be required. Must be able to stoop, kneel, reach, handle, speak, hear and see. Work environment involves minimal exposure to physical risks

Position Specific Competencies

Commitment to Excellence - UHD

  • Demonstrates a commitment to competently perform his/her job duties and responsibilities within established time frames.
  • Continuously strives to improve work performance.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her commitments to the university.
  • Contributes to the success of the university by consistently providing quality results in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.

Respect and Cooperation

  • Treats others with courtesy, respect, and dignity in the workplace.
  • Promotes cooperation through open and honest communications and consideration of others ideas, thoughts, and opinions.


  • Demonstrates high ethical standards of conduct in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Respects and complies with department and university policies, procedures, and work rules.

Customer Relations Management

  • Ensures customer's needs and expectations are addressed within his/her department or section. (Customers can be students, external constituents, employees, or university guests.)
  • Mentors and guides department/section staff by sharing knowledge and best practices to appropriately respond to customer's requests.
  • Monitors staff interactions with customers for professional conduct, consistent application of university policies and procedures, and follow up of outstanding requests.
  • Assumes responsibility for addressing complex or unusual requests.

Organizational Management

  • Manages department or section planning and assessment consistent with the university's goals and objectives and executive management's directives.
  • Develops and oversees administration of the department/section budget to ensure effective utilization of financial resources and appropriate disbursement of funds.
  • Fosters a cooperative and productive work environment that advances department/section operations and initiatives through motivation, encouragement, and professional development of staff.
  • Develops department/section procedures and work rules for compliance with government regulations and university policies; participates in the development and revision of applicable university policies.
  • Competently represents the department/section through interactions with the university community and/or external constituents.

Operations Management

  • Manages department or section operations consistent with department/section goals and objectives.
  • Administers the department/section budget ensuring effective utilization of financial resources and appropriate disbursement of funds.
  • Fosters a cooperative and productive work environment through motivation, encouragement, and mentorship of staff.
  • Ensures department/section compliance with university and department policies, procedures, and work rules.
  • Keeps management apprised of department/section activities and issues requiring senior management input.


  • Supervises the work of staff employees.
  • Sets clear goals and expectations within reasonable timeframes.
  • Motivates staff through constructive feedback, challenging assignments, and recognition of achievements.
  • Provides mentorship and guidance by sharing expertise and best practices.
  • Supports staff by providing essential resources, professional development opportunities, and open communication.
  • Promptly addresses performance issues with appropriate measures and discretion.

Research and Analysis

  • Applies knowledge and skills to collect and analyze relevant data and information.
  • Assesses benefits and risks, and prepares comprehensive reports of findings.
  • Submits recommendations for management's review and evaluation.


  • Demonstrates the ability to orally convey subject or message clearly and concisely to the intended audience.
  • Generates interest and enthusiasm in the subject or message from the participants.
  • Responds to participants' reactions or comments, and adjusts delivery style and/or format of presentation as needed.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of the subject or topic to provide practical responses to questions or issues.
  • Displays applicable visuals and provides appropriate written materials to support the presentation.

Writing Proficiency

  • Demonstrates the ability to express information clearly and concisely in writing.
  • Formulates and writes information to effectively communicate messages, ideas, and/or concepts for the intended recipient or audience.
  • Uses appropriate words and tone, and correct grammar.

Computer/Automated System Proficiency

  • Proficient in the use of university applications or automated systems to perform job duties.
  • Complies with related policies, procedures, and work rules to maintain system security and data integrity.

Technical Expertise

  • Possesses comprehensive knowledge and skills in a technical area.
  • Effectively applies expertise to troubleshoot existing systems and develop solutions with existing technology.
  • Competent to learn new technologies and integrate them with existing technology.
  • Willing to share expertise and provide technical assistance to others.

Student Success Indirect Support

  • Contributes to student success by assisting students with anything that supports their student experience, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Helps students navigate their way through the different offices, programs, and services at the university and/or connects students with the appropriate party(ies).
  • Connects students with services or resources that can help them with career exploration, goal selection, and ongoing academic assistance.
  • Helps students build peer support networks.
  • Encourages student participation in out-of-class activities.
  • Provides encouragement and guidance to foster student success.
  • Treats students with respect
  • Maintains the learning environment to ensure quality and/or sound pedagogy.

This job description may not encompass all duties and responsibilities associated with the position.