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Director, Veterans Services

Basic Position Information

Job Code: 3453

Title: Director, Veterans Services

Department: Veterans' Affairs

Essential Personnel: N

Job Family: Enrollment Management

Job Sub-Family: Admissions

FLSA Classification: E

Job Grade: 16

Grade Min: $65,866

Grade Mid: $79,040

UHD Succession Plan: N

Criticality of Position: Vital

Career Ladder: Individualized

Campus Security Authority: Y

Screening Committee: Y

Motor Vehicle Record Check: Y

Job Summary

The Director of Veterans Services directs, plans, and organizes all veterans' services initiatives. The Director of Veterans Services sets and leads the department vision, goals, and objectives for the department. The Director of Veterans Services reports to the Dean of Students.


  • Develops and leads the departmental vision, mission, goals, programs, services, and budget
  • Assists with certifying students and submitting tuition/fees in accordance to institutional policies and procedures
  • Leads and collaboratively partners with other units on campus to promote a veteran-friendly campus
  • Ensures that eligible and prospective students are informed about their benefits, new and existing laws, and services available to them through the department
  • Coordinates the outreach to and recruitment of veterans and military-affiliated students
  • Serves as the primary resource and advocate for veterans regarding their academic concerns
  • Provides accurate information to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs regarding certification of students eligible for VA benefits
  • Serves as an audit liaison by conducting internal audits to ensure compliance with the Texas Veteran Commission (TVC) standard
  • Collaborates with staff in other campus offices to ensure student issues are resolved and process changes are implemented to increase effectiveness and student success
  • Develops and administers programs and services at the university to raise awareness and understanding of the unique needs of veteran and active military students to remove barriers to their success
  • Facilitates and ensures compliance with federal, state, and other agencies by developing policies, procedures, and forms to meet the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs laws governing veterans' educational benefits
  • Creates an active veterans network/support group
  • Directs, evaluates, and reviews the job performance of staff and student workers, and oversees their professional development and training
  • Designs comprehensive marketing to promote the University as a veteran-friendly institution to prospective and enrolled veterans and their families
  • Directly measures the efficiency of the department through assessment planning and coordination
  • Remains knowledgeable about proposed and enacted federal legislation which affects veterans' education programs by maintaining membership in professional organizations and participating in national and regional conferences
  • Serves as a liaison and representative of the University at state, regional, and national organizations, boards, councils, and committees
  • Serves on university committees as appointed
  • Oversees social media accounts for Veterans Services
  • Assists the Dean of Students with special projects relevant to serving veterans and others upon request
  • Assists and supports programming hosted by departments within Student Success and Student Life
  • Performs all other duties assigned by the Dean of Students

Marginal Duties

  • Performs other duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities

Direct Reports:

  • Supervises full-time and part-time staff

Delegation of Work:

  • Occasionally assigns work to subordinate(s)

Supervision Given:

  • Makes final decision on evaluating employee performance; scheduling work hours of other employees; on coaching and counseling; training; handling employee grievances and complaints; granting time off. Provides recommendations on promotions; salary increases; hiring new employees; discharging employees; and disciplinary actions.


Required Education:

  • Master's degree in Counseling, Social Work, Student Affairs Administration, Higher Education, or related field

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of five (5) years' experience working within the U.S. military, Veteran's Affairs, or military assistance programs
  • Minimum of three (3) years' experience with VA benefits, military chapters, and certification for educational benefits
  • Minimum of three (3) years' experience with supervising others


  • Must have a valid driver's license

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with assisting veterans with issues within higher education
  • Knowledge of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Experience working with an urban/diverse student population
  • Experience with managing business social media accounts
  • Demonstrated experience with commonly used higher education software and applications (PeopleSoft, Zoom)
  • Demonstrated experience with VA-Once
  • Experience with budget management

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Knowledge of trends, issues, and accepted practices relevant to veterans and higher education


  • Proficiency with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook
  • Excellent diplomacy and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Strong planning and organizational skills, accompanied by strong attention to detail
  • Skilled in developing and delivering reports and presentations


  • Ability to deliver excellent written and oral communication in a manner appropriate to the audience
  • Ability to work through processes quickly and prioritize responsibilities

Work Location and Physical Demands

Primary Work Location:

  • Works in an office environment

Physical Demands:

  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior work environment, which does not subject the employee to any unpleasant elements
  • Position is physically comfortable; individual has discretion about sitting (80%), walking (10%), and standing, etc. Occasional lifting, pushing, climbing, and pulling may be required
  • Work environment involves minimal exposure to physical risks
  • Occasional evening and/or weekend work may be required

Position Specific Competencies

Commitment to Excellence - UHD

  • Demonstrates a commitment to competently perform his/her job duties and responsibilities within established time frames.
  • Continuously strives to improve work performance.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her commitments to the university.
  • Contributes to the success of the university by consistently providing quality results in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.

Respect and Cooperation

  • Treats others with courtesy, respect, and dignity in the workplace.
  • Promotes cooperation through open and honest communications and consideration of others ideas, thoughts, and opinions.


  • Demonstrates high ethical standards of conduct in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Respects and complies with department and university policies, procedures, and work rules.


  • Possesses required job skills and knowledge.
  • Demonstrates the ability to apply those skills and knowledge to competently perform his/her job duties and assignments.


  • Takes responsibility to accomplish job assignments within reasonable deadlines.
  • Willing to accept new projects and/or commitments.
  • Does due diligence to complete projects within specified timeframes and/or fulfill commitments.
  • Arrives to work on time prepared and ready to contribute.


  • Willingly adjusts to changing work assignments or conditions.
  • Open to changes in operational procedures, technology, and/or organizational structure.
  • Views changes as opportunities for learning and professional development.
  • Displays a positive attitude to encourage others.
  • Promptly responds to changes in work priorities and/or unexpected circumstances or situations.

Customer Relations Management

  • Ensures customer's needs and expectations are addressed within his/her department or section. (Customers can be students, external constituents, employees, or university guests.)
  • Mentors and guides department/section staff by sharing knowledge and best practices to appropriately respond to customer's requests.
  • Monitors staff interactions with customers for professional conduct, consistent application of university policies and procedures, and follow up of outstanding requests.
  • Assumes responsibility for addressing complex or unusual requests.

Decision Making

  • Demonstrates the ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner.
  • Assimilates and/or secures relevant information to assess the risks and benefits of alternatives.
  • Considers impact of decision in the long and short term.

Organizational Management

  • Manages department or section planning and assessment consistent with the university's goals and objectives and executive management's directives.
  • Develops and oversees administration of the department/section budget to ensure effective utilization of financial resources and appropriate disbursement of funds.
  • Fosters a cooperative and productive work environment that advances department/section operations and initiatives through motivation, encouragement, and professional development of staff.
  • Develops department/section procedures and work rules for compliance with government regulations and university policies; participates in the development and revision of applicable university policies.
  • Competently represents the department/section through interactions with the university community and/or external constituents.


  • Supervises the work of staff employees.
  • Sets clear goals and expectations within reasonable timeframes.
  • Motivates staff through constructive feedback, challenging assignments, and recognition of achievements.
  • Provides mentorship and guidance by sharing expertise and best practices.
  • Supports staff by providing essential resources, professional development opportunities, and open communication.
  • Promptly addresses performance issues with appropriate measures and discretion.

Research and Analysis

  • Applies knowledge and skills to collect and analyze relevant data and information.
  • Assesses benefits and risks, and prepares comprehensive reports of findings.
  • Submits recommendations for management's review and evaluation.

Work Leadership

  • Leads the work of assigned staff.
  • Assigns projects and tasks with clear instructions and understanding of work to be performed.
  • Mentors and guides by sharing expertise, knowledge of work rules and procedures, and best practices.
  • Follows up to ensure tasks and projects are completed within reasonable timeframes.

Writing Proficiency

  • Demonstrates the ability to express information clearly and concisely in writing.
  • Formulates and writes information to effectively communicate messages, ideas, and/or concepts for the intended recipient or audience.
  • Uses appropriate words and tone, and correct grammar.

Building External Relationships

  • Demonstrates the ability to build rapport and develop relationships with external constituents.
  • Displays a genuine interest in constituents' ideas and concerns, and pursues mutual interests and aspirations between the university and external constituents.
  • Builds trust and forms alliances through shared respect and cooperation.

Financial Management

  • Manages assigned financial resources in compliance with federal, State, and university policies and procedures.
  • Monitors expenditures to ensure they are authorized and within approved budget.
  • Reports accurate and reliable data of financial transactions and resources.
  • Promptly notifies management of budget issues and/or discrepancies.


  • Demonstrates the ability to orally convey subject or message clearly and concisely to the intended audience.
  • Generates interest and enthusiasm in the subject or message from the participants.
  • Responds to participants' reactions or comments, and adjusts delivery style and/or format of presentation as needed.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of the subject or topic to provide practical responses to questions or issues.
  • Displays applicable visuals and provides appropriate written materials to support the presentation.

Student Success Indirect Support

  • Contributes to student success by assisting students with anything that supports their student experience, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Helps students navigate their way through the different offices, programs, and services at the university and/or connects students with the appropriate party(ies).
  • Connects students with services or resources that can help them with career exploration, goal selection, and ongoing academic assistance.
  • Helps students build peer support networks.
  • Encourages student participation in out-of-class activities.
  • Provides encouragement and guidance to foster student success.
  • Treats students with respect
  • Maintains the learning environment to ensure quality and/or sound pedagogy.

This job description may not encompass all duties and responsibilities associated with the position.