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Career Counselor II

Basic Position Information

Job Code: 3763

Title: Career Counselor II

Department: Career Development Center

Essential Personnel: N

Job Family: Student Operations

Job Sub-Family: Student Support

FLSA Classification: E

Job Grade: 13

Grade Min: $47,731

Grade Mid: $57,277

UHD Succession Plan: N

Criticality of Position: N/A

Career Ladder: In-Range

Campus Security Authority: Y

Screening Committee: N

Motor Vehicle Record Check: N

Job Summary

The Career Counselor II develops and implements comprehensive career services to enrolled students and graduates of the university, represents the University at regional and national events, provides support at local enrollment events, and connects students to employment contacts of the university.


  • Provides career counseling services, such as resume and cover letter review and guidance on interview preparation, career assessment, job search strategies, job option exploration, degree selection or change, developing a professional online presence, career fair participation, graduate school research, and personal statement and resume writing.
  • Collaborates with faculty in assigned college to conduct student outreach, presentations, and tabling, and to participate in college-specific meetings and events.
  • Participates in meetings with employers who are interested in hiring students; maintains contact with key employers and communicate relevant information from employers to the Employer Relations Coordinator.
  • Advertises for employer job postings, creates employer awareness campaigns, and provides support in hosting employer-related events.
  • Represents UHD at recruitment events, presentations for outside organizations, and conferences; contributes to cold calling campaigns to solicit student progress and needs.
  • Facilitates services and referral sources for student needs that go beyond the scope of career services.
  • Provides at-risk students with assistance in selecting a degree that is attainable and keeps them in school.

Marginal Duties

  • Performs all other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Direct Reports:

  • May supervise student workers

Delegation of Work:

  • May assign work to subordinate(s)

Supervision Given:

  • May train and counsel others. May provide feedback to a supervisor regarding other employees' performance, but does not make hiring and dismissal recommendations.


Required Education:

  • Bachelor's degree

Required Experience:

  • Minimum of three (3) years of related job experience in advising, career coaching, counseling, or human resources.


  • None required

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree
  • Experience using a CRM system

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Knowledge of trends in resume and cover letter writing; knowledge of trends in employment, hiring, and of modern skills desired by employers.


  • Strong technical skills, including proficiency in MS Office and design software;
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills;
  • strong attention to detail.


  • Ability to use all relevant software and technology platforms or other programs used by the university;
  • Ability to handle sensitive student information; ability to represent the university professionally;
  • Ability to apply critical thinking; ability to be creative.

Work Location and Physical Demands

Primary Work Location:

  • Works in an office environment.

Physical Demands:

  • Work is performed in a typical, comfortable interior work environment which does not subject the employee to any unpleasant elements; individual has discretion in relation to walking, standing etc., and has minimal exposure to physical risks.

Position Specific Competencies

Commitment to Excellence - UHD

  • Demonstrates a commitment to competently perform his/her job duties and responsibilities within established time frames.
  • Continuously strives to improve work performance.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her commitments to the university.
  • Contributes to the success of the university by consistently providing quality results in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.


  • Takes responsibility to accomplish job assignments within reasonable deadlines.
  • Willing to accept new projects and/or commitments.
  • Does due diligence to complete projects within specified timeframes and/or fulfill commitments.
  • Arrives to work on time prepared and ready to contribute.


  • Willingly adjusts to changing work assignments or conditions.
  • Open to changes in operational procedures, technology, and/or organizational structure.
  • Views changes as opportunities for learning and professional development.
  • Displays a positive attitude to encourage others.
  • Promptly responds to changes in work priorities and/or unexpected circumstances or situations.


  • Demonstrates high ethical standards of conduct in the performance of his/her job duties and responsibilities.
  • Accepts responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Respects and complies with department and university policies, procedures, and work rules.


  • Demonstrates the ability to orally convey subject or message clearly and concisely to the intended audience.
  • Generates interest and enthusiasm in the subject or message from the participants.
  • Responds to participants' reactions or comments, and adjusts delivery style and/or format of presentation as needed.
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of the subject or topic to provide practical responses to questions or issues.
  • Displays applicable visuals and provides appropriate written materials to support the presentation.


  • Possesses required job skills and knowledge.
  • Demonstrates the ability to apply those skills and knowledge to competently perform his/her job duties and assignments.

Respect and Cooperation

  • Treats others with courtesy, respect, and dignity in the workplace.
  • Promotes cooperation through open and honest communications and consideration of others ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Focus on Customer Service

  • Focuses on customer's needs and expectations. (Customers can be students, external constituents, employees, or university guests.)
  • Respectfully ascertains customer's needs and determines appropriate response.
  • Promptly responds by providing requested information, takes appropriate action, or refers customer to appropriate individual or department.
  • If further actions need to be taken, advises customers of realistic timeframes for a response to their request.
  • Follows up with customers on outstanding requests in a timely manner.
  • Tactfully explains to customers why their needs and/or expectations cannot be met if the university does not provide the requested information or services.

Student Success Indirect Support

  • Contributes to student success by assisting students with anything that supports their student experience, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Helps students navigate their way through the different offices, programs, and services at the university and/or connects students with the appropriate party(ies).
  • Connects students with services or resources that can help them with career exploration, goal selection, and ongoing academic assistance.
  • Helps students build peer support networks.
  • Encourages student participation in out-of-class activities.
  • Provides encouragement and guidance to foster student success.
  • Treats students with respect
  • Maintains the learning environment to ensure quality and/or sound pedagogy.

This job description may not encompass all duties and responsibilities associated with the position.