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​Legacy Eligibility

Eligible veterans may assign hours or transfer unused hours of exemption eligibility to a child under certain conditions. 

A child (legacy recipient) must:
  • Be classified by the institution as a Texas resident;
  • Be the biological child, stepchild, adopted child, or claimed as a dependent in the current or previous tax year;
  • Be 25 years old or younger on the first day of the semester or term for which the exemption is claimed (unless granted an extension due to a qualifying illness or debilitating condition); and
  • Meet the GPA requirement of the institution’s satisfactory academic progress policy in a degree or certificate program as determined by the institution’s financial aid policy and, as an undergraduate student, not be considered to have attempted an excessive amount of credit hours.
*If a child to whom hours have been delegated fails to use all the assigned hours, a Veteran may re-assign the unused hours that are available to another child. Only child will use the Hazlewood Legacy benefit at a time.

Application Process for First Time applicant 
  • Hazlewood Act Exemption Application
  • Veteran’s DD214 from the Department of Defense showing the nature of the discharge
  • Proof of dependency (i.e., a copy of the student's birth certificate or copy of the veteran's most recent tax return showing the student claimed as a dependent)
  • Printout from the  Hazlewood Database with the number of hours the veteran or dependent has used (even if the number is zero)
  • A letter from the Veteran's Administration with proof of ineligibility for GI Bill benefits.  You may request a benefits letter from one of the following:
    - VA Office is Muskogee, OK at (888)442-4551

Required documents for Renewal Applicants:

The child must submit:
  • Application for Continued Enrollment
  • Printout of the Hazlewood Database with the number of hours the veteran and or dependent has used (even if the number is zero)

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