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Why I Give

​Javier 'Jay' Zambrano
Vice President of Advancement and University Relations

Advancement and University Relations
University Advancement

One Main Street, S990
Houston, TX 77002

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Why I Give

Mitsue Nakamura

 By giving, I am able to remember and honor people who touched my life greatly. 

Houston S. Brown

The cost of a college education continues to grow, and the severity of the financial burden is growing. Those who have been fortunate enough to be educated by the college and university system should help make education a reality to those who are seeking an education. 

initials for Lorena Sanchez

I learned early on that support and encouragement were essential to my success. I believe it's important to support my community. If we are to be successful, we need to support our students and the faculty & staff giving campaign makes it possible. 

Whitney Morgan

I give to help create opportunities for our diverse student body.

Sandra Jacobson

As a first-generation college graduate, scholarships helped finance my education. Knowing that I can make a difference in someone's educational dreams and goals, like others did for me, is so rewarding. 

Lucille Poiniter

I support UHD because I want our students to develop to their fullest potential. I like to target my donations to our marketing students so that they can take advantage of a variety of learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

Theresa Case

 Give to Gators is a means to give back to my students, who have enriched my life, opened my mind, energized my intellect, and renewed my optimism about the future

Vanessa Rojas

 As a student, I worked fill-time to pay for school, so I know from expereince that ANY Scholarship amount helped in my prgress towards graduation.  Now as a UHD Alumna and a current employee, I get to see how my gifts can impact our current students.