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Existing Scholarships/Endowments/Programs List

​​Sandra Jacobson

Manager, Annual Giving

Advancement and University Relations
University Advancement

One Main Street, S990
Houston, TX 77002

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General Institutional Support Speed Type
UHD Annual Fund 11041
General Scholarship Fund 11006
Determined Gator Fund 17668
Food for Change Market 18440 New!
Gator Emergency Fund 17668
Gator Success Center 18278
Mariachi Band  16048
Men of Color Success Program 19121
UHD Career Services Center 14438
Veteran's Services 17672
Alumni Events & Activities 16660
Personalized Brick in Alumni Plaza 18607
W.I. Dykes Library Support 11043
Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning 17332
Center for Student Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 17893
Sports & Fitness 15293
Upward Bound 16281
Faculty & Staff Development Endowment 16287
Flores Family Community Engagement Scholarship Endowment 15507
Honors Program Scholarship 16514
IT Scholarship Fund 16031
UHD Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship 18607
UHD Merit Scholarship Fund 15766
Molly Woods Scholarship Endowment 16156

Marilyn Davies College of Business Speed Type
College of Business Excellence Fund 11097
College of Business Career Center 17277
Kevin Barksdale Memorial Scholarship 15290 New!
Accounting Excellence Fund 10215
Marketing Excellence Fund 10393
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management 10986
Center for Entrepreneurship 13466
Insurance and Risk Management Center 10656
Jay Anderson Endowment Scholarship 10040
ASIS Master's Scholarship 16518
BAAS-AA Scholarship 16531
Donald Bates Scholarship 16533
Bobby Bizzell Memorial Scholarship Endowment 14746
Donald L. Bonham Memorial Endowed Scholarship 14461
Duangploy Memorial Endowment Scholarship 14662
Michael Fields Scholarship Endowment 18462
Larry G. Jones Scholarship Endowment 14821
Dr. Asghar Nazemzadeh Memorial Scholarship Endowment 14943
Justin Alejandro Ortiz Memorial Scholarship 19171
Charles Saunders, Sr. Memorial Scholarship in Entrepreneurship Endowment 14984

College of Humanities & Social Sciences Speed Type
College of Humanities & Social Science Excellence Fund 10949
Center for Critical Race Studies 17244
Center for Latino Studies Scholarships 18154
Drama Program 18042
English Department 11129
Social Sciences Excellence Fund 19374
O'Kane Gallery 10954
O'Kane Theatre 18256
Susan Kiernan Ahern Memorial Scholarship Endowment 15960
BS-ISS General Scholarship 16538
William Brigman Memorial Scholarship 16520
Alicia Spencer Castillo Memorial Scholarship Endowment 14000
Christy Drennan Memorial Scholarship Endowment 14607
English Endowed Scholarship 18299
Donald R. Engstrom Memorial Scholarship Endowment 11989
Patricia L. Goleman, Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship Endowment 18515
Thomas Lyttle Scholarship Endowment 17517
Nicole LaRose Memorial Scholarship Endowment 15931
Floyd Newsum Book Project 19046
Hank Roubicek Endowed Scholarship in Communication Studies 18196
Technical Communication Endowed Scholarship 18295

College of Public Service Speed Type
College of Public Service Excellence Fund 14262
Criminal Justice Excellence Fund 15290
Social Work Excellence Fund 16416
Urban Education Excellence Fund 11024
Robert S. Browne Memorial Scholarship 16526
Goins Endowed Scholarship in SW 19224
William Kortz Scholarship 16537
Smith Parham Scholarship in SW 17685
Sgt. John Pohlman Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Justice 19246
Hazel R. Shanklin Memorial Scholarship 17446
Social Work Scholarship 16536
Urban Education Scholarship 16564
Frank P. (Trey) Williams Criminal Justice Book Scholarship 16535

College of Sciences & Technology Speed Type
College of Science & Technology Excellence Fund 10948
College of Science & Technology Scholarship Fund 16561
Mathematics & Statistics 17908
Natural Sciences 11126
Structural Analysis & Design 15088
Center for Urban Agriculture and Sustainability 16881
Geoscience Program 18589
Nursing Program 18945
Scholars Academy Program 14999
Joan S. Abramowitz Undergraduate Research Scholarship Endowment 14339
Elias Deeba Scholarship 16534
Barry Garrett Endowed Scholarship 15846
Edwin & Justine Hodgess Scholarship Endowment 15606
N.A. and J.P. Leveille Mathematics Education Scholarship Endowment 17883
Glen K. Merrill Memorial Scholarship Endowment 17267
Miriam Morales Scholarship Endowment 17089
Pre-Health Professionals Scholarship 16552
Ongard Sirisaengtaksin Scholarship Endowment 16767
Watts Scholarship Endowment for Masters Students in Data Analytics 18041
June P. Wood Memorial Scholarship Award 16540