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PeopleSoft-Campus Solutions Intake Request

Who should complete this form?  This form should be completed by PeopleSoft-Campus Solutions users that need to submit a request or to report any system issues.

If additional security is needed users will be required to complete the CS security workflow. 

CSS PeopleSoft Intake request form instructions:

  • Complete user information
  • Indicate Module for which you need support
  • Provide specifications of request or issue being reported Include details, error messages, or any other information you deem necessary when completing the form
  • Make sure all required fields are completed correctly (incorrect information may delay completion of the request)
  • Once form is completed, make sure you click the submit button at the bottom of the form
  • Communication will be sent to the user when the form is submitted, the CSS Technical Analyst will contact user if additional information is needed or if request is completed
  • User will have the opportunity to review outcome of complete request and provide additional comments or sign-off