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Service Learning Courses_Fall 2019 Courses

Bilingual Language Arts

BIOL110111002General Biology Lab I
Mesias Pedroza
BIOL110211003General Biology Lab II
Mesias Pedroza
CJ437011183Senior Seminar in CJJudith Harris
COMM331411297Research in Comm StudiesIvan Gan
COMM231111269Principles of Public RelationsZeenat Mitha
CS530111392Prog. Found. for Data AnalyticYuchou Chang
NS219012341Special Topics in Nat Sci.Mary Parker
PED330112350Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
PED331412368Children's Literature SpanishLarua Mitchell
PED331412367Children's Literature SpanishMaria Bhattacharjee
PED330112351Intro to Special Populations
PED330112353Intro to Special PopulationsJohn R. Kelly
READ331712688Lang Arts Instruct: Biling/ESLLaura Mitchell
SOCW430212810Issues in Field Practicum 1Shahnaz Savani
SOCW430212809Issues in Field Practicum 1Angela Goins
SOCW430212811Issues in Field Practicum 1Gurley
SOCW236112778Intro Socl Wk & Socl WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW439028699Special Topics in Social Work
SOCW236112779Intro Socl Wk & Socl WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW236112780Intro Socl Wk & Socl WelfareAngela Goins
SOCW236112777Intro Socl Wk & Socl WelfareDamaris Cortez
SOCW430412814Issues in Field Practicum IIShahnaz Savani
SOCW430212808Issues in Field Practicum 1
SOCW430412813Issues in Field Practicum IIAngela Goins
UHD130312945Freshman Seminar-ScienceMitsue Nakamura
UHD130312942Freshman Seminar-ScienceMeghan E. Minard
UHD230312972University Seminar-SciencesMary Parker

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