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Service Learning Courses: Spring 2018

UHD230323372University Seminar SciencesMary Jo Parker
COMM231122413Principles of Public RelationsZeenat Mitha
​COMM​3321​22445​Patient-Provider Communication
​Ashley Archiopoli
CJ330621589Crime & DelinquencyNina Barbieri
CJ330621832Crime & DelinquencyNina Barbieri
CJ437021615Senior Seminar in CJJudith Harris
​ENG​3325​22540​Medical Writing
​Godwin Agboka
​MIS​4312​23483​Application Analysis/Des/Impl.
​Shohreh Hashemi
SOCW333122212Practice with Aging PopulationsAngela Goins
SOCW430223569Issues in Field Practicum 1Angela Goins
Issues in Field Practicum 2Angela Goins
SOCW236121621Intro to Social WorkDamaris Cortez
SOCW236122205Intro to Social WorkShahnaz Savani
SOCW236122207Intro to Social WorkShahnaz Savani
SOCW236122531Intro to Social WorkShahnaz Savani
SOCW335024122Research Methods in Social WorkHeather Goltz
​BIOL​1310​20215Human Biology
​Amal Khalil
BIOL131020213Human BiologyMary Jo Parker
BIOL110120188General Biology Lab 1Mesias Pedroza
​BIOL​1102​20194General Biology Lab 2
​Mesias Pedroza
BIOL131020206Human BiologyMesias Pedroza
​CS​5310​23358​Data Mining
​Hong Lin
Scholars Academy Orientation
Mary Jo Parker
HEA430224193Health Policy and PoliticsRhonda Scherer
​PSY​3310​24152​Psychology of Women
​Julie Wilson
​PED​3301​21235​Intro to Special Populations
​Ashwini Tiwari
​PED​3301​21240​Intro to Special Populations​Ashwini Tiwari
PED​​3314​21279​Children's LIterature Spanish
​Maria Bhattacharjee
​PED​3314​23552​Children's LIterature Spanish​Maria Bhattacharjee
​SPED​3301​24062​Introduction to Special Populations
​Ashwini Tiwari
​PED​3301​24063​Intro to Special Populations​Ashwini Tiwari
​SPED​3301​24064​Introduction to Special PopulationsAshwini Tiwari


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