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Get Connected

​In the coming weeks you will receive a series of communications that will guide you from being accepted to beginning your first semester.

To receive the most timely and personalized updates, it is important to log into Student e-Services and begin using your GatorMail account.

  • To get started, activate your Student e-Services account to view your latest check list items and financial aid status.
  • Next, set up your GatorMail email account to receive exclusive invitations to upcoming new student events and other university communications. Also consider sharing your GatorM​ail address on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to connect with other UHD students.
  • Finally, watch your mail and email for information regarding Orientation other important enrollment information.

Exciting things await you at UHD so get connected and prepare to meet us on campus!

Last updated 10/19/2020 6:17 AM