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Space Evaluation & Planning

The University of Houston-Downtown is expanding and has added new buildings to its campus. The growth in campus space presents the UHD community with the opportunity to reevaluate and reassess its space usage. This webpage provides information on newly added campus spaces, information on the ongoing space evaluation, and a request form for additional space needs. 

New Campus Spaces & Projects


Space Evaluation and Planning Updates

As required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board the University of Houston-Downtown continually evaluates and assesses it use of space to ensure that the space it has is used most efficiently and effectively in support of our mission of providing higher education and career readiness programming to the greater Houston community. The 2021 THECB Space Inventory and Usage Efficiency report is being prepared for submission.


As the downtown Houston area undergoes exciting renovations for the Buffalo Bayou Partnership development, UHD has the opportunity to update, reorganize, and re-envision its use of space. This process is underway as parts of One Main are undergoing refurbishment.


If you would like to request new space or want to renovate space that is currently assigned to your department please complete the 'Space Request' form.


Storage Clean Out

As UHD conducts its space evaluation the Office of the Provost is leading a storage clean out initiative. The goal of this program is to reduce the clutter on campus, reclaim useful storage space, promote proper document archiving, and find and display UHD artifacts.

Scheduling Dumpsters for Your Office: Please use the 'Schedule a Dumpster' form to schedule the drop off and pick up of dumpsters for your office.

Found an Artifact: In your cleaning frenzy did you find an exciting piece of UHD history? Please fill out the 'Found an Artifact' form.