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SPAC Project Status


    SPAC Project Status              
    2/13/2024 Count            
    Projects Unreviewed 3 Grandfathered =G        
    Projects In Progress 4 To be Announced =TBA        
    Projects On Hold 1 Approved by Committee =A        
    Projects Completed 3 Not approved by Committee =N        
    Projects Cancelled 6 Not considered =NC        
    Total Projects 17            
# Review Date Task Name Department Requester/Authority Type Task Approval (Y/N) Status Comments
1 1/30/2024 CSB 350 & 450 Office Expansion CPS Ashley Blackburn Space Request 2-3 Office Expansion on CSB 350 & 450 before 08/01/24 A Unreviewed Authorized in the past.
2 9/26/2023 Convert to S423, S425 & S429 CCESL Student lounge CCESL Dr. Bordelon Project Convert to S423, S425 & S429 CCESL Student lounge TBA Unreviewed Funding currently unavailable
3 9/26/2023 OMB S605, S607, S608 & S610 SSSL Stacie Spikes Project  – Build out for OMB S605, S607, S608 & S610 TBA Unreviewed Funding currently unavailable
4 1/30/2024 OMB 10 North CHSS - N1002 suite CHSS   Space adaptation   G In progress  
5 8/21/2023 OMB S990- Presidents office President's Office Vanessa Pigeon Space Renovation Reception & office reconfiguration/update G In progress Interior material sampling
6 8/21/2023 Gator Expansion (Welcome Center - GSB-04) UHD Timothy Rychlec Space Request 4th floor build out G In progress Bartlett Cocke selected as CMaR
7 8/21/2023 Gator Expansion (OMB Space Programming & SLC Swing Space) &  CFO Timothy Rychlec Project Space programming of OMB G In progress PGAL Steering committee workshops
    IT Breakroom              
    Renov Elev lobby              
    OMB 11              
    Closed Projects              
1 7/31/2023 CSB 100 renovation quote College of Public Service Steven Villano/ Dr. Jonathan Schwartz Project Quote Quote required for carpet/paint/furniture renovation Y Complete Quotes received and submitted
2 9/26/2023 Natural Sc. Requires 800sf for HCC BSN Nursing lab Natural Sc. Dr. Uzman Project Natural Sc. Requires 800sf for HCC BSN Nursing lab Y Completed Moved to WSPS-01
3 8/21/2023 Master Plan CFO Kim Lambert-Thomas Project Master plan development for UHD G Completed Final submitted
    Cancelled/On Hold Projects              
1 7/31/2023 OMB S416 & S421 Study Abroad Claudia Baba/Poonam Gulati Salhotra Space Request OMB S421 storage conversion to display/student space & S416 classroom conversion to office spaces N Cancelled S416 belongs to CHSS
2 12/14/2023 OMB S345 Move to S416 Study Abroad Claudia Baba/Poonam Gulati Salhotra Move  Request Requesting move from S345 to S416 classroom  N Cancelled S416 belongs to CHSS
3 12/14/2023 OMB S416 conversion into offices Study Abroad Claudia Baba/Poonam Gulati Salhotra Space  Request Requesting conversion of S416 classroom into office space for Study Abroad N Cancelled S416 belongs to CHSS
4 8/21/2023 S950 - Account Payable Business Affairs Theresa Meneley Space Reconfiguration Office reconfiguration N Cancelled Cancelled by Provost
5 9/26/2023 Move S345 to S415.  Combine S415 with S418.  CCESL Claudia  Baba Project Move S345 to S415.  Combine S415 with S418.  N Cancelled Belongs to CHSS
6 7/31/2023 OMB N214 storage conversion Talent Search Dr. Liza Alonzo/ Dr. Brian Flores/ Stacie Spikes Space Request OMB N214 storage conversion to office space NC Cancelled N214- in use  by FM for HERRF project
1 8/21/2023 OMB N364 O'Kane Theater Arts & Communication Luke Fedell Space Renovation Dressing room/Storage renovation G On Hold 3rd call on GC for available budget of $175,000



  Space Planning and Advisory Committee
# Position Name Email Subcommittee Representation 
1 Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost Bordelon, Deborah Executive  Academic Affairs
2 Vice President for Administration and Finance  Lambert-Thomas, Kimberly Executive – Chair  Administration & Finance
3 AVP for Facilities Management  Rychlec, Timothy Executive  Facilities Management 
4 AVP for Programming & Curriculum   Moosally, Michelle Executive  Academic Affairs
5 Vice President for Enrollment Management  Villanueva, Daniel Executive  Enrollment Management
6 Vice President for Student Success & Student Life (Interim)  Cook-Francis, Lynette Executive  Student Success & Student Life
7 Executive Director, Academic Affairs  Leffler, Emily Project Academic Affairs
8 Executive Director, Library  Braysen, Lisa Project Library 
9 Executive Director, Administration & Finance  Records, Stefany Project Administration & Finance
10 Executive Director, Off Campus Locations & Online Coordination Evans, Louis Project Academic Affairs
11 Dean of Students  Joyner, Lisa

Project  3SL 
12 Director, IT Infrastructure & Communication Services Ruiz, Miguel Project  IT
13 Director, Buildings O&M Flores, Abraham Project  Facilities Management
14 Director, Academic Scheduling & Integrated Services, Enrollment Management  Cunningham, Shannon Project  Academic Scheduling
15 Director, Facilities Planning & Projects Oyesanya Jacob, Olufunke Project - Convenor Facilities Management
16 Facilities Analyst  Huynh, Tuyet Project  Facilities Management
17 Manager, Environmental Health & Safety Zett, Eric Project  Environmental Health & Safety
18 Space Planning Analyst Christopher Tristan Project Facilities Management
19 Students Edward, Saenz Project Dateline
20 Students Indira, Zaldivar Project Dateline