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SPAC Project Status

  Projects Unreviewed 0 Grandfathered =G ​​
Projects In Progress 3 To be   Announced =TBA
Projects On Hold   Approved by   Committee =A
Projects   Completed   Not approved   by Committee =N
Total Projects 3 Not considered =NC
# Review Date Task Name Department Requester/Authority Type Task Approval (Y/N) Status Comments
1 7/31/2023 CSB 100 renovation quote College of Public Service Steven Villano/Dr. Jonathan Schwartz Project Quote Quote required for carpet/paint/furniture renovation Y Review in progress Undetermined project type
2 7/31/2023 OMB N214 storage conversion Talent Search Dr. Liza Alonzo/Dr. Brian Flores/ Stacie Spikes Space Request OMB N214 storage conversion to office space NC Review in progress N214- in use by FM
3 7/31/2023 OMB S416 & S421 Study Abroad Claudia Baba/Poonam Gulati Salhotra Space Request OMB S421 storage conversion to display/student space & S416 classroom conversion to office spaces TBA Unreviewed S421- Inactive electronic classroom. S416- in use by FM
4 8/21/2023 Department move to SLC (DEI)Ctr. for Student Advocacy & Belonging Timothy Rychlec/Tremaine Kwasikpui Move Request   G In progress  
5 8/21/2023 Welcome Center - GSB-04 UHD Timothy Rychlec Space Request 4th floor build out G In progress  
6 8/21/2023 S950- Account Payable Business Affairs Theresa Meneley Space Reconfiguration Office reconfiguration G In progress  
7 8/21/2023 O'Kane Theater Arts & Communication Luke Fedell Space Renovation Dressing room/Storage renovation G In progress  
8 8/21/2023 OMB Roof top Sign President's Office Timothy Rychlec Project UHD Roof sign on OMB south side G In progress  
9 8/21/2023 OMB S990- Presidents office President's Office Vanessa Pigeon Space Renovation Reception & office reconfiguration/update G In progress