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UHD Scholars Academy - Mentors

The Scholars Academy has enhanced the undergraduate learning environment at UHD by cultivating a peer culture of achievement, a sense of community, and a support system tailored for Scholars Academy members. The Academy assigns faculty mentors (with a Ph.D.) and a peer mentor (upper-level undergraduate) to groups of about ten students who share common academic experiences and majors as reflected within our organizational chart.

Mentoring provides an academic resource though for a safe and reliable source of information and advice. The Peer Mentor offers advice about college life, courses, research, SA requirements, and he/she organizes semester networking/study meetings. Discipline-specific faculty "parents" for each of the groups provide field trip opportunities, organize meetings and panel discussions, and other activities they deem valuable for their groups of scholars.

Peer Mentor Coordinator Senior Peer Mentor
Mitsue Nakamura, MS Takese McKenzie

Natural Sciences Department

Faculty Mentors Peer Mentors
Jon Aoki, PhD Ana Rubio
Maria Benavides, PhD Aaron Torres
Gabriela Bowden, PhD Alejandra Parra
Mian Jiang, PhD Meheret Tadesse
YuanYuan Kang, PhD Fatma Diefalla
Jeffrey Martz, PhD Julio Enriquez
Hamida Qavi, PhD Raven Robertson
Sanghamitra Saha, PhD Kinjal Patel
Michael Tobin, PhD Allison McKee
Eszter Trufan, PhD Fikir Tadesse


Mathematics & Statistics Department   

Faculty Mentors Peer Mentors
Katarina Jegdic, PhD Walter Hill
Timothy Redl, PhD Nancy Uroza

Computer Science & Engineering Technology Department

Faculty Mentors Peer Mentors
Yuchou Chang, PhD Eva Ruiz
Hong Lin, PhD Diana Rodarte
Weining Feng, PhD Erick 
Arash Rahmatian, PhD Karina Filipovich
Ling Xu, PhD Nina Lalonde
Ting Zhang, PhD Iliana Barrera