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UHD Scholars Academy - History

The Scholars Academy (SA) began in 1999 with only 20 students; enrollment is now sustained at 150 undergraduates this Fall 2010 semester. We expect to maintain an approximate enrollment of 150-160 each semester over the next several years.

The SA, now a nationally recognized program within the University of Houston-Downtown College of Sciences and Technology, is designed to promote academic excellence and achievement in STEM degree programs, primarily for minority and female students, and to encourage the graduates to either continue their studies at the graduate level and/or pursue STEM-related careers.

Since the inception of the UHD Scholars Academy in Fall 1999, the Scholars Academy (SA) has awarded over 3,100 scholarships (meaning over 850undergraduates received a scholarship for at least one semester). As of Summer 2010, SA reached over 400 alumni members who have been a scholarship recipient for at least one semester and who have graduated from UHD. Over 34% of our alumni have been accepted to graduate/professional programs. We also now have 70 prior members who have transferred to various colleges.

We anticipate approximately 15 SA members will graduate this Fall 2010 semester for a combined approximate total of 50 in the 2010-2011 academic year. Thereafter, we estimate 45 graduates each of the next 4-5 fiscal years.