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Fall 2016 Critical Thinking Workshop

Fall 2016 Critical Thinking Workshop:
Mentoring Minds

As outlined in the UHD Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), each semester, a critical thinking workshop is held for faculty and co-curricular development. The fall 2016 Critical Thinking Workshop: Mentoring Minds was held on November 4, 2016. The workshop focused on helping faculty identify instructional strategies and tools which support deliberate instruction in areas of critical thinking, analysis and inquiry, and creativity.  Content included: multi-disciplinary strategies for helping students enhance their critical thinking skills, transparency and deliberate instruction, designing assignment prompts which support critical thinking, and utilizing rubrics as an instructional strategy to guide students in thinking about the quality of their learning and mastery of academic material.

Workshop Agenda
Helping Students CARE: Commonplace, Authority, Reason and Experience in Developing Student Critical Thinking - Dr. Michael Connell
A+CE SA Assessment Guide
Rubrics as an Instructional Strategy
Critical Thinking Rubrics
Transparency and Problem Solving: The UHD Experience - Dr. John Kelly
Assignment Guide