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A+CE Course Syllabus

In order to be designated as an A+CE courses, you will be asked to complete the A+CE Course Designation Application. These are generally sent out mid-semester for the following semester. Within the application, faculty are asked to submit their A+CE course syllabus and their A+CE Signature Assignment.

Once submitted, the applications are reviewed by the A+CE Implementation Committee. Typically, the committee provides feedback to faculty regarding their assignment and works with faculty to align the Signature Assignment with the appropriate rubric.

At a basic level, all A+CE courses syllabi must:

  • Indicate that the course is designated as A+CE
  • Define an A+CE course
  • Indicate the Student Learning Outcome (SLO) that will be addressed in the course
  • Provide the A+CE requirements (i.e., the activities/assignments/lessons that will happen during the semester to ensure the SLO is being pursued)
  • Indicate the weight of the A+CE Signature Assignment
  • Clearly define how the course will incorporate a community issue


Example SLO 1 Syllabus

Example SLO 2 Syllabus