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September 2016

​​- Jace Valcore's manuscript, How Hate Crime Legislation shapes gay and lesbian target groups: An analysis of social construction, law, and policy was published in Criminal Justice Policy Review.​

Heather GoltzDawn McCarty, and Dana Smith will present their paper "Leveraging Field Education to Create a Multi-Dimensional and Integrated Assessment Plan" at the 2016 Council on Social Work Education Annual Meeting. This is an invited presentation for the first Assessment Academy, a half-day post conference workshop. 

Crystal Belle's manuscript, Don't Believe the Hype: Hip-hop Literacies and English Education was published in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

- On July 29th Social Work delivered their nine (9) self-study volumes for the reaffirmation of their accreditation to the Council on Social Work Education!

Jacqueline Sack​ from Urban Education and Rebecca Quander from Mathematics/CST were awarded a National Science Foundation grant of $49,847 for their project, "Collaborative Research: Understanding Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Outcomes in Texas". 

Lori LovinsKrista Gehring, and Kevin Buckler traveled to Austin to provide testimony to the Texas House of Representatives committees on Criminal Jurisprudence and Corrections. They addressed the issue of technical revocation in adult probation on May 17th and on May 16th Kevin Buckler presented on the topic of civil asset forfeiture.

Leigh Van Horn and the Center for Public Service and Family Strengths organized and hosted a two-day professional development and curriculum writing session on oral histories for 130 grade 6-12 ELA teachers from Harmony Public Schools and Marshall Middle School. 

Ron Beebe​ will be serving as the Vice Chair of the executive Team for the West Houston P016 Council. 

Judith Harris participated on a Career Panel to discuss Criminal Justice careers with the young men at the Fifth Ward Enrichment Program. 

- Carol Boethel attended the Texas Association of Certification Officers Conference and provided us with updates on state certification and accreditation reporting. 

- Beth Gilmore passed the comprehensive exams for her doctoral program and has now completed everything but her dissertation. 

-​ ​John Kelly's manuscript, Transparency and Problem Solving: The UHD Experience, was published in the Association of American Colleges and Universities journal, Peer Review.

- Rebecca Pfeffer's editorial, Reframe Gun Debate So We Can Save Lives, was published in The Houston Chronicle.

Bernardo Pohl​ presented a paper, Examining the Mentoring Experience of the Special Education Teacher, to members of the Texas Teacher Educator Association Meeting in Austin.

Jace Valcore was a featured speaker during several sessions on Hate Crimes: The Impact on Targeted Groups presented by the UHD LGBTQ Safe Zone Program and the Center of​ Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Janice Ahmad, Barbara BelbotRon BeebeKrista GehringDawn McCarty​, and Leigh Van Horn are developing a year-long speaker series for the College of Public Service current students, alumni, faculty, staff, and external partners titled vitalvoices. This series will also include emerging scholars from doctoral programs across the nation. 

Hsiao-Ming Wang presented his paper, Anti-Trafficking Preventative Strategies: An American Perspective, during his anti-human trafficking mission to Taipei-Taiwan. 

- Paulina Gamino, our Web Technical Specialist, Anna Esparza, Mercedes Gonzales, Terrilyn Ratcliff, Lee Smith, and Cynthia Hartman of our College of Public Service Advising Center, and faculty members Janice Ahmad, Maria Bhattacharjee, Ashley Blackburn, Kevin Buckler, Michael Cavanaugh, Colin Dalton, Angie Goins, Heather Goltz, Judith Harris, Stephanie Karas, Larry Karson, Dawn McCarty, Diane Miller, Rebecca Pfeffer, Bern​ardo Pohl, Jacqueline Sack, and Jace Valcore were instrumental in the success of our week-long Gator Gateway engagement with 105 incoming freshmen, July 18-22nd

Judith Harris presented a paper, Criminal Justice Issues in Policing, at the Asian Association of Police Studies Conference. 

Diane Miller​ represented Texas at the National Council of Teachers of English Affiliate Leadership Meeting this summer in St. Louis, Missouri.

- Laura Mitchell published a chapter, Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: An Invitational Academic Workshop in English as a Foreign Language context, in Invitational Education and Practice in Higher Education: An International Perspective, edited by Sheila Gregory and Jenny Edwards. 

- Thanks to Janice Ahmad, Colin Dalton, Laura Mitchell, Beth Pelz, Rebecca Pfeffer, Jackie Sack, and Hsiao-Ming Wang for their participation in the Freshmen Convocation. 

- During Gator Gateway in the College of Public Service, every one of the incoming freshmen signed up to participate with Faculty Mentors in the College of Public Service: Janice Ahmad, Larry Karson, Rebecca Pfeffer of Criminal Justice; Angela Goins of Social Work, and Colin Dalton, Laura Mitchell, and Jacqueline Sack of Urban Education. 

Kevin Buckler was interviewed by Khorri Artkinsons for the Texas Tribune regarding the appeal of the Black Lives Matter movement to a broad spectrum of Americans. 

- College of Public Service graduates and current students, Maria Bitgood (Criminal Justice), Jamie Pena (Social Work), Victor Becerra and Evelyn Rodriguez (Urban Education), along with Advisor Mercedes Gonzales presented a panel on student success at Gator Gateway for our incoming freshmen. 

- Paulina Gamino created a video of photographs from Gator Gateway and linked the 3 group photos of the freshmen on our homepage to 1) the video, 2) Leigh Van Horn's blog about the week, and 3) additional UHD information about the program. 

Our Administrative Staff Forum meets monthly and has held sessions on Professional Communication and on the use of the new technology in conference rooms C-250, and in Criminal Justice and Social Work, and in Urban Education. They are preparing an informational sheet for all of us and will be available to assist. 

- Rebecca Pfeffer and Shannon Fowler have scheduled trainings on Incorporating Writing in the College Classroom Content Areas (September 12, 12-1) and Making the Most of TurnItIn and Grademark (September 22, 12-1) in​ the Institution for Community Research, C-222.

Krista Gehring was on the August 9, 2016 National Public Radio show, Houston Matters, discussing the Texas Correction systems. 

- Colin Dalton's paper, "Utilizing Audiobooks with Students with Reading Disabilities", was accepted for presentation at the International Council for Learning Disabilities Conference. 

Ashley Blackburn​'s paper, "The Portrayal of Violent Crimes in Metropolitan Police Crime Dramas", was accepted for presentation at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice Conference. 

Ron Beebe​'s paper, "Social Justice and Equity: Unintended Outcome of Classroom-Based Research" was accepted for presentation at the Critical Questions in Education Conference. 

- Preview: There are 7 faculty members in the college who have articles accepted for publication in the last several months. Some individuals have as many as three (3) pending publications, we'll celebrate these accomplishments with formal notice as the pieces come to print!

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