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UHD Online FAQ

Question: How do I know if online learning is right for me?

Answer: Online courses demand a time and discipline commitment from you. You will be required to (1) have access to the internet, (2) have a computer, (3) have a word processing program (4) have computer skills to create, save and upload documents and (5) be self-motivated. If you meet all of these requirements the online learning puts high quality education at your command.

Question: Will I need to come to the campus?

Answer: Most of the online programs offered by UHD are entirely online or use materials that you can use at home. Some classes, however, require site-based sessions for a variety of purposes (such as orientation, testing, and clinical or laboratory experiences). Each class listing provides information about site-based activities that are required, and you should read the course syllabus carefully and decide whether you can meet the site-based requirements that are listed.

Question: How is on-campus and online education different?

Answer: Students enrolled in UHD online courses/programs learn the same material and receive the same benefits as campus-based students. Our online courses are designed and taught by the same high-quality faculty that teachers classes on campus. When you graduate from UHD there is no distinction made between online or on-campus credits. Your degree is from UHD. UHD is committed to providing and maintaining the same high quality education for online and on-campus students.

Question: How do I get my assignments and contact my instructor?

Answer: You access your course syllabus, assignments, supplemental materials, and contact your instructor through and online class management system called Blackboard. Your instructor may also use Blackboard to deliver quizzes and exams as well as announcements and notices. Some instructors may require you to contact a testing center to proctor your exams.

Question: Is UHD accredited?

Answer: Yes, UHD has regional accreditation from the Southern Association Colleges and Schools. In addition, some UHD programs are accredited by various international, national and special accrediting bodies.

Question: Does UHD offer online degrees?

Answer: University of Houston-Downtown offers the following online degrees:

Undergraduate Degrees Offered:

College of Business

  • BAAS Applied Administration
  • BBA Accounting
  • BBA Human Resources
  • BBA Risk Management & Insurance
  • BBA General Business
  • BBA Management Information Systems
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA International Business
  • BBA Management
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Supply Chain Management

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

  • BA Humanities
  • BS Professional Writing
  • BS Psychology

College of Public Service

  • BS Criminal Justice
  • BAAS Criminal Justice

Graduate Degrees Offered:

  • MS Non-Profit Management
  • MA Strategic Communication
  • Master of Security Management
  • MS in Criminal Justice

Question: Who do I contact concerning online degrees?

Answer: If you are a brand new student, please call the Off Campus Office at 713-237-5454, or Toll Free at 855-864-3932. Continuing students should contact the Academic Advising Center in N320 at (713) 221-8006 or their College Advisor.

Question: Is there a bookstore for online classes?

Answer: You may purchase your UHD books from the UHD Bookstore. Please visit the bookstore website for store hours and contact information.

Question: How do I apply to UHD?

Answer: Complete the online application for admissions by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Question: What is joint admission?

Answer: UHD has created a joint admission partnership with Lone Star College to help you make the transition into a four-year university. Joint admission allows a student to be simultaneously admitted and co-enrolled at both UHD and Lone Star College. As a Joint Admission student, you will receive advising from UHD counselors while you are a community/junior college student. Along with a transfer guide for your planned major, you will have all the information you need to complete your bachelor's degree most efficiently. For more information on join admissions, visit the Joint Admissions webpage.

Question: How do I obtain a joint admission contract?

Answer: You may fill out the joint admission contract form.

Question: How do I contact the UHD Financial Aid office?

Answer: Please call 713-237-5400 for information or visit Financial Aid.

Question: What is a consortium agreement?

Answer: A consortium Agreement is a written agreement between two eligible schools. This agreement allows a student to be co-enrolled at UHD and another institution and receive financial aid based on the combined enrollment hours at both institutions.

The Home School is the school where the student is seeking their degree and is the college that will award the financial aid for them.

The Host School is where the student temporarily takes courses that will transfer back to their home school. The courses taken at the host school must be applicable toward the student's degree at UHD.

For more information on consortium agreements, visit Financial Aid.

Question: Will my degree earned via distance learning be the same as if I had gone to class?

Answer: Yes, programs are the same high-quality, accredited education expected by all UHD students. Online courses are as rigorous and content rich as those offered in traditional classroom settings.