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B.S. in Technical Communications Course Descriptions

TCOM 3302 Business and Technical Report Writing   (3-3-0)
Study and practice of formal and informal presentation of technical information, with emphasis on report writing.

TCOM 3308 Legal Writing   (3-3-0)
A study of the principles of analytical writing, with special emphasis on the strategies of legal persuasion and the techniques and appropriate style of legal writing. Students will learn to brief (summarize) published cases as well as to write legal memoranda.

TCOM 3316 History of Rhetoric   (3-3-0)
An historical survey of rhetoric with emphasis upon its development as a discipline from Plato and Aristotle to the present day.

TCOM 3317 Studies in the Theory of Rhetoric   (3-3-0)
An investigation of major contemporary theories of rhetoric and composition with special attention to the implications of those theories on the practices of writers.

TCOM 3318 Studies in English Grammar   (3-3-0)
An intensive survey of the principles and problems of English grammar with emphasis on developing vocabulary and understanding necessary to identify and explain writing choices and errors.

TCOM 3325 Medical Writing    (3-3-0)
The study and practice of interpreting and incorporating findings and statistical results into clear, comprehensible and well-organized prose.

TCOM 3326 Proposal Writing    (3-3-0)
Practice in writing and editing a series of proposals of varying scope and complexity.

TCOM 3327 Visual Rhetoric and Literacy    (3-3-0)
An introduction to the theories that help us understand and analyze visual communication and use visual technology.

TCOM 3328 Documentation and Manuals    (3-3-0)
Application of general rhetorical principles and current theory in document design to the development of procedures manuals and other documentation.

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TCOM 3329 Environmental Writing    (3-3-0)
Practice in presenting information about environmental issues as addressed by government, industry, private organizations and the mass media.

TCOM 3330 Desktop Publishing    (3-3-0)
An introduction to desktop publishing, covering specific applications of typography, graphics, layout and presentation, and using desktop publishing software.

TCOM 3333 Writing for the Media   (3-3-0)
Study and practice of writing techniques appropriate to print and broadcast media with emphasis on the relevance of these skills to managing media relations.

TCOM 3334 Writing for Presentation   (3-3-0)
This course covers writing for the media employed for presentations in business, industry and the professions. Possible course focuses include video scripting, speechwriting and writing for slide and multimedia presentations.

TCOM 3335 Publishing for the Web   (3-3-0)
An introduction to web publishing techniques using web design software. Satisfies a core requirement for technical communication majors.

TCOM 3336 Writing for the Web    (3-3-0)
An introduction to writing for the web with emphasis on structure, tone, voice, usability and navigation.

TCOM 3338 Introduction to Usability   (3-3-0)
Teaches methods for measuring the needs, wants and limitations of users in order to improve the web products that they use.

TCOM 3339 Digital Media Theory    (3-3-0)
An investigation of the history, relevant theories and implications of digital media in civil, social, educational, and/or workplace contexts.

TCOM 3349 Rhetoric of Technology    (3-3-0)
Exploration of theories that explain how the relationship between people and technology shapes the world we live in.

TCOM 3371 Public Relations Writing    (3-3-0)
A study of techniques and methods of public relations in promoting the images of organizations, corporations and institutions, both public and private.

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TCOM 3373 Introduction to Advertising   (3-3-0)
History, theory and basic techniques of advertising, with special emphasis on the use of media in advertising campaigns and message development for media campaigns.

TCOM 3390 Topics in Technology Studies & Strategies    (3-3-0)
Selected topics on the relationship between writing and technology. Students design and produce multimodal projects.

TCOM 4099 Technical Communication Portfolio    (0-0-0)
This non-credit course certifies that a degree requirement (submission of a portfolio of samples of the student’s writing) has been fulfilled by a student majoring in the BS in Technical Communication. The student enrolls in TCOM 4099 in the semester of anticipated graduation and submits a portfolio of about five writing projects from a range of courses approved for the Technical Communication major. Using guidelines supplied by the degree coordinator, the student provides documentation for each project. The portfolio is graded S for being submitted, or IP for not being submitted. Only a grade of S, certified by the degree coordinator, allows graduation.

TCOM 4306 Science Writing     (3-3-0)
The study and practice of documenting, reporting and presenting science in articles, audiovisual scripts, specifications, reports and proposals.

TCOM 4308 Plain Language in Government, Medical, and Business Writing    (3-3-0)
Practice in writing of government, medical, and business documents in plain language addressed to the general public.

TCOM 4318 Advanced Studies in English Grammar and Style     (3-3-0)
Writers will learn how to manipulate language structure and styles and will analyze the rhetorical implications for interpretation, acceptance, and understanding by various audiences.

TCOM 4322 Editing, Rewriting and Copyreading    (3-3-0)
Fundamentals of editing for printed and digital media. Studies in clarity, concision, accuracy, grammar and stylebook conventions. Projects include rewriting, copyediting and copy reading documents of varying complexity.

TCOM 4323 Feature Writing for Business and Industry    (3-3-0)
Procedures in recognizing ideas and gathering material for feature stories for business and industry; analysis of reader appeal; study of feature story structure; development of style in writing feature stories.

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TCOM 4339 Video Game Story Writing    (3-3-0)
Study and practice of narrative script writing and associated writing tasks performed by the story writer in the development of video games.

TCOM 4340 Social Media Writing   (3-3-0)
An introduction to new media and social networking concepts, issues and techniques.

TCOM 4360 Publications Workshop    (3-3-0)
This course provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on print production experience. Working in the offices of student publications or other appropriate environments, students will write, edit and produce materials for publication, using word processing, graphics and electronic pagination software to prepare camera-ready materials.

TCOM 4380 Field Experience in Technical Communication   (3-3-0)
Placement of selected students in jobs involving technical communication within the public or private sector. Jobs may be paid or unpaid. Written reports, conferences with the instructor and other academic work are required.

TCOM 4680 Field Experience in Technical Communication   (6-6-0)
Placement for six hours credit of selected students in jobs involving technical communication within the public or private sector. Jobs may be paid or unpaid. Written reports, conferences with the instructor and other academic work are required.

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