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Technical Communication Portfolio

Technical Communication Graduation Portfolio Requirements

Each Technical Communication major is required to submit graduation portfolio before the end of the semester in which the student graduates. The contents of the portfolio should demonstrate the student's mastery of these general learning objectives for the degree.

Course Registration Announcement

Remember to register for TCOM 4099: Technical Communication Portfolio in your graduation semester. This is a no-credit, no-cost, required course UHD uses internally and on your grade record to certify that your required portfolio has been submitted.

Please direct any questions to the degree and internship coordinator, Olin, Bjork713-223-7925.

Portfolio Goals

One of your most useful and satisfying graduation requirements is your Technical Communication graduation portfolio. This assembly of at least 5 projects will be useful in several ways:

  • help you assess your own progress as a writer, designer, and editor, and it may help you decide on a career direction
  • provide you a model for the type of job-hunting portfolio expected by many employers; thus, you may wish to choose projects that demonstrate marketable skills or identifiable subject matter areas such as software documentation or medical writing.
  • serve as your entry the annual Technical Communication Portfolio Award
  • enable the faculty to assess how well the program is fulfilling its educational goals

Submission Deadline

Portfolios are due at least two weeks before the last regular class day of the semester in which you are scheduled to graduate. If you are submitting your portfolio in the spring semester and you want it to be considered for the Technical Communication Portfolio Award, you must turn in your portfolio one month before the end of the semester so faculty have sufficient time to evaluate it.

Portfolio Components

Each semester, the deadline for the submission will be announced in the TCOM 4099 Blackboard course. The portfolio is digital and turned in through an online system called Tk20. Step-by-step directions will be provided through the Blackboard course.  Questions or concerns about how to upload the portfolio go to UHD's IT Department - 713-221-8540. 

  • A suitable binder and title page (The title page may be part of the binder’s front cover.)
  • Your current résumé. Be sure it contains a career objective at the top of the first page.
  • A table of contents
  • At least 5 projects. The projects that you choose should demonstrate how you have met each of the six learning objectives listed below. One project may address more than one objective (but no fewer than 5 projects), or you can include a separate project for each of the objectives. Special Directions:
    • Editing entries should include the “before” and “after” versions of the project.
    • For collaborative projects, your role in the project should be explained on the form.
    • Use only papers and projects that were written for Technical Communication courses (TCOM 3302 and above).
    • Do not enclose papers embellished with your instructors’ handwriting/grading comments. Rewrite the papers and enclose clean copies.
  • A completed Portfolio Requirements and Form for each project - (page 2 of PDF).