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HUM 4380 Field Experience

HUM 4380 - Field Experience

About Field Experience

The field experience course is an internship, a service-learning project, or some other work project that complements and synthesizes a student's academic experience and career objectives. The course is open to students who are earning a B.A. in Humanities, a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, or in some cases another bachelor's degree such as the B.A. in the Fine Arts in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Enrollment is limited and departmental permission is required. Although the university may have suggestions, students are responsible for identifying their own suitable projects. Placement of students in jobs involving areas in the humanities within the private and public sectors. Work may be paid or unpaid. Written reports, conferences with the instructor and other academic work are required. May be repeated once for credit.


Students who are enrolled in this course must complete ALL requirements in order to receive credit.

1. Determine your eligibility for internship

  • Prerequisite: 60 hours toward degree and approval of department chair.

2. Turn in UHD required paperwork

  • Complete a Field Experience Application from Career Services (S402)
  • This application form must include:
  • a valid UHD GatorMail address. Your application will not be approved if it includes only a personal e-mail address.
  • an up-to-date résumé.
  • most recent grade history at UHD (available through e-services).
  •  contact information of your work supervisor
  •  a written description of my project that has been endorsed by my supervisor. (If the field experience project is with a current or on-going employer, you must include with your résumé (1) a list of my current job responsibilities; and (2) a list of new responsibilities that my supervisor and I have agreed upon. These new responsibilities must add up to 120 hours per semester).

3. Await approval notification

The internship coordinator will apprise you by email of your eligibility to enroll for the course. You may NOT begin the internship or enroll in the internship class without the internship coordinator’s approval.

NOTE: The following are not acceptable projects:

  • a) Previous life or job experience.
  • b) Work for a current employer, unless the student and the student's supervisor are able to identify new duties or training that are in addition to the student's normal workload.
  • c) Working under the supervision of a family member.

4. Enroll in HUM 4380

Upon notification from Dr. Hagen you may officially enroll in the course and start your hours.

5. Complete internship responsibilities

  • Complete 120 field hours (for HUM 4380), documented and signed off by your site supervisor.
  • Other assignments as outlined in the syllabus

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a grade of "S." If students do not fulfill all requirements, they will receive a grade of "U." Note again that all requirements must be completed in order to receive a grade of "S."