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Ten Markers of a Successful Online Course

CHSS Online Teaching Initiative

Ten Marker of a Successful Online Course

The following ten markers of a successful online course should guide you in developing your course materials and tools:

  1. The course has a set of clear course objectives, appropriate materials, and assessment techniques. The course materials and assignments are engaging, stimulating, and rigorous.
  2. The curriculum design is driven by pedagogical goals, not technology (Cargile Cook 65).
  3. The course materials are accessible and easy to navigate. The instructor defines options for students with disabilities.
  4. The course syllabus clearly describes technology requirements, time commitments, and required computer skills.
  5. The schedule lists all due dates, tasks, and tools needed to complete tasks.
  6. The instructor provides students with timely feedback.
  7. The instructor gives students opportunities to collaborate with other students.
  8. The instructor ensures that students have frequent synchronous and/or asynchronous communications with the instructor and other students.
  9. The instructor specifies clear file-naming procedures and submission guidelines (what, where, and how to submit).
  10. The instructor establishes his/her presence in the course by posting frequent announcements, sending emails, and responding to questions using the discussion board.
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