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Closed Captioning in Online Courses

CHSS Online Teaching Initiative

Closed Captioning

Although ALLY does not flag videos without closed captions, it is prudent to be prepared to accommodate students who need lecture script. YouTube can do closed captions automatically. The Office of Disability Services has a contract with a service provider that will caption video materials if the materials are submitted to the office in advance (approx. 2 weeks). Alternatively, the script can be submitted as a separate file to the Office of Disability Services if a request for accommodations is received.

Google Slides offers a free synchronous captions while you are presenting your slides. While in a Zoom session, open your slides with Google Slides, share the screen, activate closed captions while in a presentation mode, and record the Zoom session with closed captions. Zoom also offers transcription for files uploaded to the cloud (Contact TTLC for instructions). They are stored in the cloud for about three months.

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