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Blackboard ALLY

CHSS Online Teaching Initiative

Blackboard ALLY

Backboard ALLY is a program integrated with Blackboard. It scans available materials and flags any potential issues with uploaded files, including

(1) “unreadable” pdfs (those that cannot be read by screen readers),

(2) the absence of heading styles in a file, which make documents easier to read, and

(3) the absence of alt tags with visuals.

To access your ALLY score, click Course Tools → Accessibility Report. The goal is to be in the green.
Example of levels of passing and failure in Blackbaord Ally
Blackboard Ally guide to passing accessibility checks

Low range is 'red' 0-33%: There are severe accessibility issues.
Medium range is 'orange' 34-66%: The file is somewhat accessible and needs improvement
High range is 'green' 67-99%: The file is accessible but more improvements are possible
Perfect range is 'dark green' 100%: Ally did not identify any accessibility issues but further improvements may still be possible.