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Using Assessments: Quizzes, Tests, and Exams​

Blackboard enables instructors to create and customize assessments to their needs, whether that assessment is a quiz, test, or a major exam. You can create a test in Blackboard by going into a content area, hovering over the “Assessments” menu, and clicking “Test.”

screenshot Blackboard interface - Assessements drop-down menu with arrow pointing to Test
Screenshot of Blackboard application's Assessments menu

For in-depth explanations of how to use these tools, you can visit the Faculty and Staff Learning Materials page, which has helpful videos and screenshots on every feature of Blackboard assessments.

To offer some examples, here are a few key features that Blackboard tests enable you to customize:

Create a variety of questions, including multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, essay, numerical calculation, true/false, and more.

screenshot of a list of the types of tests in Blackboard
Screenshot of a list of the types of tests in Blackboard

Determine how many attempts and how much time students have.

screenshot from Blackboard showing setting options for the number of attempts a student can take the test
Screenshot from Blackboard for number of attempts for a test

Screenshot from Blackboard for the time limit setting for a test
Screenshot from Blackboard for time limit setting for a test​

Create unique modifications (e.g., extra time) for students with accommodations.
Blackboard screenshot of the Test Availability setting
Screenshot from Blackboard for Test Availability exceptions for students with accommodations

Last updated 4/1/2022 6:02 AM